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  1. Defense to Start

    If points scored against is a category, I would not go with GB - it is going to be a high-scoring game (just saw a package on ESPN - GB is 2nd in the league in passing TDs allowed with 24 this season). I would stick with Miami against Buffalo.
  2. QB WDIS:

    I agree with McNair
  3. Need one more starter

  4. How will Chester Taylor do?

    From FOX (posted 9 hours ago): Minnesota RB Chester Taylor is listed as probable. Analysis: Taylor is a strong start against the Jets' shaky defense against running backs. New York has allowed a running back to rush for at least 100 yards or score in 11 of 13 contests this season.
  5. First Round WDIS

    MJD. I love him against TEN, despite the fact that he will be splitting carries with Fred. Chester is going to start (I have not heard otherwise) and barring a reinjury to his ribs, Pinner won't get close to as many opps as MJD will.
  6. Jennings or GAlloway

    Yes - I definitely like Jennings over Galloway, for the exact same reasons you told me to go with Jennings instead of Travis Henry at flex, + the fact that TB is so damn inconsistent.
  7. OH HENRY!

    I had Jennings ready to go based on recent Huddler discussions (over Chris Henry), but now with Travis Henry expected to play, is Jennings still the best start at flex? T. Henry vs. JAX Jennings vs. DET C. Henry @ IND T. Henry has been doing well, but up against tuff JAX run DT and with an injury, will he split PT with White and even Chris Brown? Thanks for your opinions!
  8. QB DIS

    Bulger. He passed for 300+ yards against Chicago last week and he is a top 5 fantasy QB this year. You are overanaylzing this one in my opinion.
  9. Favre / Eli Manning

    Here are some stats from week 3 @ DET. In their Week 3 win over the Lions, the Packers offense posted 31 points behind solid efforts from Favre (340 yards, three touchdowns), Greg Jennings (101 yards and a touchdown) and Ahman Green (eight catches, 131 total yards and a score). They have DET at home this week, and the weather - 42 degrees, partly sunny, winds 10-15 mph. I have officially decided to start Favre over my "fantasy crush", Bulger.
  10. Weather in Chicago today?
  11. WR Help- Need to sit a stud....

    Oh man - you are in a luxuriously horrible position. I don't know what to tell you. Honestly, I believe you want to sit one of your CIN receivers, the question is, which one??? You can overanalyze it until you are blue in the face. I would flip a coin - I know this is not very good advice, but I don't know what else to tell you other than I wish I had was in your shoes right now - not a bad situation to be in. If I had to bench one, I would bench TJ.
  12. WDIS @ Flex

    I would also go with McGahee - when it comes to flex, you know RBs are going to get touches, you can't say the same for WRs - and McGahee's ankle is healthy. Coles has been extremely inconsistent over the past 8 weeks.
  13. You MUST GO with your studs: Colston Wayne Holt
  14. WDIS @ QB - Have 1 HR left on Waiver Wire

    Ram Fan - I am in the same boat as you are . . . Favre or Bulger - I have been looking for a reason NOT to start Bulger - I know the matchups lean towards Favre, but playing matchups burn you when you have a proven performer like Bulger. The fact that you are a Rams fan willing to bench Bulger. Check my post (Mo Biggsly - A Potpourri of Fantasy Questions).
  15. A Potpourri of Fantasy Questions

    Any thoughts on this?