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  1. WDIS at Kicker?

    K, I have two options at kicker. I know this may be a stupid post but since my superbowl opponent has LT, I need extra points where I can get them. With that bieng said, I have a few options at kicker. Scobee vs. NE Stover @ Pitt Mare vs. NYJ Nugent @ Miami Who has the best matchup?
  2. Ronnie Brown?

  3. Which Defense should I start?

    I agree with Westphal. I like GB's chances against a rookie QB and some inclement weather.
  4. Ronnie Brown?

    I'm gonna start JD. Now who do you pick between Edge and R. Brown. I really think Ronnie is gonna play. Also have a QB dilemma as well. Vick or Losman? Don't know how much Vick's play will be affected by this injury. Also Losman has been very hot and is playing the Titans secondary this week. Tough call
  5. Ronnie Brown?

  6. OK huddlers crunch time..

    Im in the same predicament at RB, but Im leaning toward Jones-Drew. At Receiver, I would go with Driver, Wayne, and would lean toward Smith.
  7. Yahoo TieBreaker System: In the event that a playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock will be broken using the following system: Most touchdowns scored by entire starting roster. Most fantasy points by starting quarterback(s). Most fantasy points by starting defensive team(s). Most fantasy points by starting defensive player(s). Most fantasy points by starting defensive back(s). Most fantasy points by starting defensive linemen. Most fantasy points by starting wide receiver(s). Most fantasy points by starting running back(s). Most fantasy points by starting tight end(s). Most fantasy points by starting kicker(s). Random "coin flip".
  8. Ronnie Brown?

    I need two picks. Why does R.Brown do this Championship week?
  9. Ronnie Brown?

    Early reports have Ronnie Brown cleared for practice this week. If he plays, do you guys think he will get the bulk of the carries. Here are my potential starters, R.Brown vs Jets S. Morris vs. Jets Edge @ SF Jones-Drew vs. NE Who should I take out of the 4 matchups?
  10. Jones-Drew

  11. Going agains LT next week

    May be wishful thinking, but anyone think Turner could get a few more carries next week? Especially if the Colts lose tomorrow night. I know next week is still a must win for home field throughout the playoffs but again I'm just curious if anyone thinks LT may have a limited workload.
  12. Jones-Drew

    Does anyone know the extent of Jones-Drew's injury?
  13. WDIS at QB?

    Trent Green Big Ben Jeff Garcia
  14. WDIS at QB?

    My gut tells me Kitna because of the matchup but I'm a bit skeptical only because Vick has been putting up pretty good numbers lately. I think thought with no Dunn or Norwood, he could be in for a long day. Please help, I have to set my lineups by tonight. Thanks guys.