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  1. Animal mascotts

    Uh, no Beavis, that was other kids. He don't know nothin', wait, he knows who did it. Is the Steelers new mascot a big ol' pimp daddy?
  2. The French Whine. This is not new news. Can you find an article telling me how they are surrender monkey or how they are sometimes stinky?
  3. Animal mascotts

    The Steelers had a mascot, but like most other things and people in Pittsburgh, he left town for better job opportunities.
  4. Proper Baseball etiquette

    My wife took care of a guy like this at a swim meet. He spent 2 hours pissing and moaning about his kid's bad performance (in his mind) that day. Our older kids father stood up and got in his way, so he yelled for him to sit. I calmly told him to just ask next time. Apparently, he said something under his breath that I didn't hear, but my wife did. She stood up and told him to 'shut up, everyone here is sick of hearing you bitch about your kid all day'. He got very quiet after that, and everyone who heard it laughed about it. Usually, if you call someone out like that, they seem to know they are being an ass. It's rare that a fight occurs, but just be ready in case you've got a real momo on your hands.
  5. Animal mascotts

    The Ravens use three mascots, Edgar, Allen and Poe. Each is a guy in a cartoon like raven costume. Each has their own jersey numbered 101, 102 and 103.
  6. BJ Sams - DUI Trial

    Basically, they didn't issue a breath test and Sams' 'bad' ankle is the doubt given for why his field test didn't go well. He dodges a bullet as he was on PBJ for a previous DUI. If no NFL suspension is coming, a healthy Sams will give the Ravens two great return men as they drafted the fastest player in the draft, Yamon Figurs, for return purposes.
  7. Since 1866, there have only been 6 Republican Governors of Maryland, with the rest being Democrats. Since 1967, the Mayor of Baltimore has been a Democrat. I am 36 years old and have never seen a Republican in charge of Baltimore. It gets worse each year. Now, I'm not saying this is a Democrat only problem. I believe leaving ANY party in charge for that long is bad, however, the Dems are in charge now, and the current problems have not been fixed in the LONG amount of time they've had.
  8. Black dudes walking down the highway

    Uh, my father has a 8th or 9th grade education and my mother dropped out her senior year of high school. Still, they got jobs and made sure I didn't go down that road instead. They don't have power because they are lazy garbage. Go to school, get a job. Even a two year degree can be had for about $2,500 a year (cost of new rims) and give you what you need to get into a higher standard of living. People with 'no power' usually don't deserve it.
  9. Baltimore City kept reporting low drop out rates, insisting the high number offered up where just attacks on the city. Come to find out Baltimore City only considered you a drop out if you quit in 12th grade. If you quit before 12th, you somehow did not list as a dropout. This is also the same school system that needed a state bailout about a decade ago and a city bailout last year to avoid bankruptcy. Baltimore was once a great city. Now it's just a joke. Then Mayor O'Malley (now Gov of MD) had a slogan he put on a bunch of bumper stickers, 'Believe'. Most people opted the other version, 'Make Believe'.
  10. Go find a red/blue map. Maryland has been 100% democrat since John Smith sailed up the bay. The ONLY reason MD had a republican gov the previous term was that everyone hated the fact that Glendening dumped his wife for his young assistant and didn't even try to hide it. No one really minded that he ran up a HUGE deficit. Ehrlich erased the deficit and was voted out based on the dems hate of Bush.
  11. 2007 Preakness

    Someone is going to spend a lot of time, that he won't later remember, in the infield.
  12. Sad, but true. These types of people only get off their ass to bitch and complain for a common cause, usually with their hand out. The Dems in Maryland cater to this crowd, knowing that keeping them just happy enough ensures more Dem votes when it's time. These are people who will tell you they know everything and that it's someone else's fault, usually the highest republican or someone in gov't, that is keeping them down. When it comes to it, they are just lazy people who are happy enough if they have a free/cheap place to live and cigs/alcohol enough to keep them happy.
  13. Steve McNair DUI

    I believe those charges where dropped. Also, I do not know if he was field tested. This may be nothing, it may be something big. We'll have to wait.
  14. 88 years, 48 days

    If you are talking about March 23, 1919, that's when Mussolini founded his fascist movement.
  15. 88 years, 48 days