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  1. i'd go with the denver kicker simply because you know that game will be low scoring and a kickers dream. Lots more attempts from long range in that game just to get points on the board. add in the fact denver will run alot more than pass and you have more oppertunity for points from a kicker standpoint. either way who's to know it could be a crap shoot! haha gl with it
  2. go with shokey for sure that whole deal with Berrian.. i'm just not sold on it yet monitor that whole deal in Chi for a few weeks to see how he pans out with rex at the helm.
  3. Bledsoe or DelHomme?

    I was faced with this exact problem this week. I've done way too much checking on this one.. go with bledsoe simply becasue Dellhome hasn't found the groove since S. Smith is back and that they are going to be up in the game and start the ground game early. In the Philly v Dallas game fireorks are going to be blasting with alot of passing. One more point to make here Philly secondary is banged up really really really badly and mix in the T.O. deal you got yourself one hell of a game for Bledsoe and he HAS to come out firing here!
  4. WDIS?

    you have the right idea my friend. L.J will definatly post monster numbers this week and look for Moss to get good number as well. The tough decision for me is how big of a game will Foster have against the browns? the browns d looked awfuly good for the first time last week but that's not saying much. foster, right now is without a doubt the starter so scinaro #2 go with L.J. and Foster and then Moss and Plax. I say leave wayne out of it because granted you know the ball is going to be in the air for 90% of the game how often is he going to get touches with all that tallent out there on the WR position? You know Plax and Moss are the #1's in their respective teams. Either way you'll be fine. Good Luck!
  5. Brutal lineup issues

    T. Bell i think will have a good week denver isn't going to be launching the ball out to walker as much as usual and will rely on the ground game to carry them this week. Also start Bryant since oakland is the worst team in almost evey cat. there is....
  6. Bell or Buck

    start the buck Ravens D is way too vicious this year to even scare the vetran into sitting a stud playing against them in favor of a better match up.
  7. Muhamadd& Crumpler for Gates

    put an end to this your WR situation is fine dont bother with it this week at least let the week play through then if the offer is still on the table look into it further. for now keep what ya got.
  8. WDIS

    I'd put in Cotchery in place of Kennison. Haurd looked good last week but that's not to last i think. I know it's not good to bench a #1 WR in place of a #2 but the match up isn't all that bad Jacksonville had a great D but their weakness is is in secondary. Tough Decision to sit the stud but i'd do it here.
  9. WDIS at QB

    Kitna all the way Huard had a easy week last week against a pathetic pass D eventhough the match up might be great. you know Kitna is on a pass efficent team. And has had 2 steady weeks to back it up.
  10. Need help with WR

    stay away form chambers at least this week untill they figure out what the hell is going on at QB and that horrible pass offense. i would look to Lewis to pull you through this week. This game has alot of stakes going into it and alot of focus on the High Priority players Lewis is safe. I would go with him or Robinson just because detroit is giving up 275 on passing. Similar production from the two... go with Lewis because of the fact Philly throws the ball more than anyone in the NFL!
  11. Grossman or Brunell

    Look at the pass D of both the Giants and the Bills... Brunell has been fairly decent in the last week outings whitle Rex has had a bit of a problem and the ground game of the bears is on fire right now and will stay that way this week with a weak bills rush d. go with Brunell you know that game is going to be high scoring and that's exactly what every fantasy player needs....
  12. R Williams for Fitzgerald?

    look at R. Williams since week 1.. if my mind serves me correctly .... week 1 100 yrds week 2 120 so on ... i notice a trend here.. he's a Fantasy STUD!
  13. Terry Glenn vs. Anquan Boldin in week 5

    Glenn all the way T.O. is having a dud year and glenn is a superstar i'm thinking 90 yrds and a td! Dallas is going to walk all over Philly this week.
  14. one more thing... not to mention that #2 WR in detroit (forgot his name) but he's was hot last week! Minn. will have their hands full with both of them lighting up the secondary..somethings gotta give.
  15. R. Williams all day you know for a fact he's getting at least 70 and possibly a td no question about that.