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  1. Flex Help!

    Addai vs Cin. McGahee vs Mia. Morris @ Buf. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Trade Offered

    What do you think? I would give up Plax for Clinton. I'm not hurting at RB but I feel like you can never have too many. It looks like Portis could be out a month and I am not that deep at WR. I am in the playoffs. Clintons' schedule for weeks 15 & 16 is @NO AND @STL.Team is in the sig.
  3. QB Question

    I don't think you can go wrong either way. The Cardinals rush D is pretty good so maybe Romo airs it out more. Brady might have a chip on his shoulder after last week. I like bounce back weeks, Go Brady.
  4. SJax Hurt?

    He's back in. Just caught a pass. (Already lost McGahee today)
  5. Correct, no brainer. You should be fine at QB and you still keep M. Bell.
  6. WDIS WR's

    Thanks for the advice. That is the way I was leaning towards. I think it was a case of adding a new player to your roster and wanting to plug them in. Hopefully, Colston keeps it up as the Saints look to get back on track after last week.
  7. Trade Request - Need Help

    Sounds like you are not to sure on McGahee and for good reason. He really hasn't done much. IMO though I think he will be an above average RB the rest of the year. It's a good time to buy low on him. His schedule sets up well. I wouldn't be to concerned with him in this trade when you can get such an elite WR as Smith. When it comes to the RB you give up I would go with Parker. It looks like Portis is healthy. Washington could decide to go with Campbell if they lose a couple of more games but it shouln't effect Clinton too much. I like Parker but I just don't know about Pittsburgh. Go Parker and Coles for McGahee and Smith. The points Smith will get you will offset any hit you will take at RB.
  8. WDIS WR's

    Need two recievers for Week 9. I am thinking Colston and Plax. I just aquired Ward also. Plax vs Hou Colston @ TB Ward vs Den Thanks in advance!
  9. Bears defense..

    I hope they put their reserves in. I'm facing them this week and need SF to get some trash points.
  10. Do I do it?

    Yes, If you think when Fitz returns he will be a stud again. Try to hold on to Lendel White just in case Henrys toe flares up.
  11. WDIS

    Maybe Marion gets a touchdown. Galloway is do for a decent game after getting shutout but like you said the wind could be a factor. Caddy gets 30 touches against a banged up Giant D. Don't know about Drew. I think Vince prefers Brandon Jones. BarberIII
  12. T.Taylor or B.Watson

    T. Taylor. Isn't he the only healthy Min. reciever? Could heve a decent week.
  13. WDIS at WR

    Yeah that's what I am thinking. This could be the last chance I get a really productive week out of Reggie with Stalworth back. One of them should have a good week. It's just a matter of luck.
  14. QB HELP Really needed

    Grossman, Don't know if he will have a great game or even if they need to through a lot. He should do better than Brady against a good Min. D.
  15. WDIS at WR

    Plax TB Colston Bal R Brown Jac Cotchery @Cle Standard Scoring, No PPR's, Thanks