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  1. ***WDIS at WR?***

    I'm also starting Westbrook in that game, am I hedging my bet on more run than pass and vice versa or am I setting myself up for a big let down if that game is low scoring???
  2. Driver or TJ Housh

    I was going to say Driver as well but now I'm hearing RAIN in SF...Both GB and CIN should be able to run the ball all day on OAK and SF. CIN is at home though, and OAK solid pass rating is mostly based on the fact that NO ONE ever needs to throw against them to beat them. please see mine.....
  3. Def ?

    CIN...shut-out CLE and handed it to BAL in the past two weeks.... please see mine.......
  4. ***WDIS at WR?***

    Can't decide between these two. Plaxico is the lone WR for the Giants and Eli did have a good game last week, plus Garcia ripped CAR secondary for 300 yards. On the other side of the coin Stallworth tore up WAS with 115 yards and a TD last time he faced them with McNabb. Should I go with tougher match-up against the lone WR or the easier match-up with Stallworth??? Thanks, Leave a link and I'll respond to yours.
  5. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    F. Taylor MBIII Benson
  6. So who is ROY now?

    I like Colston...and I ESPECIALLY like Colston because of the 4-1 odds that some sportsbooks were rolling out on him winning the ROY.
  7. Pink is growning on me.

    Wow. That's just wrong. Pink does not look good to you my friend. You have to realize that it's not Pink that looks good, it's a lack of options to look at while watching a football game. Heck, Lasie would start to look good after staring at Warren Sapp's butt for 60 minutes.
  8. Calling ALL Bear's Homers!

    Are you kidding me??? Lovie, pull the trigger. Put in Griese, even if it's just for a half to see what he's got. The DEF may be able to win games against the likes of MIN and their fierce offense......but this ship will certainly not stay afloat against most opponets. We're going to get smoked in the playoffs if our QB continues to throw for 34 YARDS and 3 INT's!!!!! It's just pathetic. I wish I could say I feel better after venting but I don't. It's that ugly.
  9. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    LJ Smith Addai
  10. Hey fellow Bears homers - News about John Shoop

    Watching John Shoop control the offense took several years off my life. Period.
  11. Cowboys vs. Giants Round II

    I think it's pronounced..."treee"
  12. Cowboys vs. Giants Round II

    You honestly don't think that Carolina could even hold it's own jockstrap against the Bears in the playoffs, do you??? That being said, the Cowboys are on a roll right now and looking hot...but I'm not ready to listen to a bunch of Dallas homers get all giddy about the Romo Romp he put on TB last was after all, Tampa Bay. If he, and the rest of "The Boys", can come out and put the hurt on the Giants this week then I'm all ears and will willingly agree that Dallas has a what I have no idea.
  13. D. Henderson

    Sorry, I'm beat. You did list your WR's. I would hold onto Evans since he as a great schedule from what I can remember and he's once again turning it up at the end of the season. As for the others they're all quality but while Colston is out Henderson should be MONEY in the bank, but as soon as Colston is back his value drops considerably. The questions you have to answer are....1.) How long will Colston be out for? 2.) Will I want back one of those WR's I dropped in one to two to three weeks when Colston returns right around FF Playoff time?
  14. Bench Eli this week?

    Eli and Kitna have been killing me...TEN has been strong lately against BAL then PHI but this is the week they falter. Eli...310 yards - 3TD' to Plax, one to Tyree and he's even going to rush one in.
  15. D. Henderson

    If you have depth at WR and are looking for a solid one to two week upswing at WR then he could be your man, but when Colston is back his value will be inconsistant.