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  1. I'd expect Williams to get most of whatever carries there are this week. After that, it will be RBBC until someone emerges, if they do. This is probably an upgrade to Jackson's rushing more than anything else.
  2. Antonio Brown

    Better on your bench than not on your roster. Most people that drafted AB had 2-3+ better options on paper this week so I'm guessing he was on a lot of benches.
  3. How does the league determine if a game gets delayed/cancelled vs just benching potentially exposed players? Hypothetically, if someone like Brady or Mahomes were potentially exposed the day before the game, would the NFL delay it since they are bigger names? Or would they tell TB or KC that he has to quarantine and the game proceeds as normal with their backup?
  4. Second Pick. Who you picking?

    I was aware it is a PPR league, although I see how it could be read the other way. My intention with the 2nd sentence was to say that if you removed the PPR aspect, I could even take Henry at #1. But I digress. In my mind, Cook is injury prone and Kamara's head coach has a raging boner to get Taysom Hill in wherever he can to prove something. Henry's head coach just feeds him the ball. And I think Henry has the best QB situation. Having Julio around to me only helps Henry since they will have more chances to keep drives alive. But if I had to pick between Cook and Kamara, I'd take Kamara and hope Winston and Hill don't hurt him too badly.
  5. Second Pick. Who you picking?

    To me, Henry is the pick at 2. He's got a higher floor than Cook and Kamara and less injury prone. In a non-PPR, I wouldn't even fault someone for taking Henry at #1.
  6. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    Miami shipping Gaskin away then? Or will Jones end up in another timeshare?
  7. Stupid K question

    Roll with Carlson (LV) v MIA Or Pickup Succop (TB) @ DET I could see TB scoring more easily this week. DET could be a mess with all the positive cases in the coaching staff.
  8. I was watching the Chicago Jacksonville line last week and I'm pretty sure it jumped from 3.5 to 7.5 after NYJ won. I don't think JAX tries too hard to win this one.
  9. Hey irish Agholor tonight? Or Coutee or Chark this weekend? Full ppr
  10. I'd still lean DJ over Tyron, but TJ is in a plus matchup and Henry and Ekeler will have extra attention so he could have some room to run. Tyron has more upside, I would say
  11. If it's only those 3, I'd pencil in DJ and wait to hear if Mostert is getting better. Allen is a big risk tonight, assuming he even plays.
  12. Well, if it's slim pickings, then I'd say the safe bet is DJ. Allen is dinged so even if he plays, how well will he do? Same for Mostert. Tryon Johnson (LAC) or Bowden (MIA) available? I'm assuming Jeff Wilson is not available? You only have those 3 people to choose from on your roster?
  13. Who's on the waiver wire?
  14. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    Not to mention a lot of bettors getting bailed out