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  1. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    Miami shipping Gaskin away then? Or will Jones end up in another timeshare?
  2. Stupid K question

    Roll with Carlson (LV) v MIA Or Pickup Succop (TB) @ DET I could see TB scoring more easily this week. DET could be a mess with all the positive cases in the coaching staff.
  3. I was watching the Chicago Jacksonville line last week and I'm pretty sure it jumped from 3.5 to 7.5 after NYJ won. I don't think JAX tries too hard to win this one.
  4. Hey irish Agholor tonight? Or Coutee or Chark this weekend? Full ppr
  5. I'd still lean DJ over Tyron, but TJ is in a plus matchup and Henry and Ekeler will have extra attention so he could have some room to run. Tyron has more upside, I would say
  6. If it's only those 3, I'd pencil in DJ and wait to hear if Mostert is getting better. Allen is a big risk tonight, assuming he even plays.
  7. Well, if it's slim pickings, then I'd say the safe bet is DJ. Allen is dinged so even if he plays, how well will he do? Same for Mostert. Tryon Johnson (LAC) or Bowden (MIA) available? I'm assuming Jeff Wilson is not available? You only have those 3 people to choose from on your roster?
  8. Who's on the waiver wire?
  9. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    Not to mention a lot of bettors getting bailed out
  10. Need 2 in full PPR Keke Coutee Chark DeAndre Washington Thanks
  11. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    LT2 Faulk Holmes Moss SJax had a killer stretch during the 2nd half of a season that won me a championship with a 6-7 team. Maybe 2005 or 2006.
  12. Same. I texted him throughout the game giving him sh!!t.
  13. Fire up Ekeler this week? Or just go with Brian Hill and James White? If I start Ekeler, do I sit White?
  14. Late season survivor pool gift for those of us that had to decide between NYG and MIA
  15. Full PPR Which of these players do I NOT start? Alex Smith (QB) Taysom (QB, TE) Waller (TE,FLEX) Chark (FLEX)
  16. Best draft pick of the year

    12-team league: SJax at #6 overall. He was my target RB1 unless I got #1 or #2 pick. Deuce in the 6th was OK. Baltimore in the 10th was money. Walker in the 7th was good as well.
  17. Check out these wagers

    Who will the Oakland Raiders Draft with their first pick of the 2007 NFL Draft? Any wagers placed after outcome becomes public knowledge will be graded as No Action. No Parlays. Max $100 Brady Quinn 2/1 Calvin Johnson 2/3 That's a bit surprising Adrian Peterson 6/1 Joe Thomas 15/1 Dwayne Jarrett 25/1 Field (Any Other Player) 10/11
  18. LOL @ this mock draft

    Yeah, just kickers
  19. suicide pool

    Go with the Jets. The Raiders can't do squat on offense. If Warner plays, he's the kind of guy who comes off the bench and lights up the opposing secondary. With the weapons on that team, it doesn't take much.
  20. NFC's Wildcard Picture

    I can't recall offhand, but I'm pretty sure some teams have got in with a losing record just by winning their division. Probably not too many.
  21. Thanks to my team not doing much (yes CJ, I'm talking about you), it is down to Garcia and Smith. I need huge games from both. Funny thing is, they will probably hook up twice and have great games, just not enough for me to win.
  22. Up against LJ, MJD, Harrison, Driver, Cooley, Chicago, Gould plus Hass still left. Not a good start. I need about 6 TDs from LT to make up the deficit. Thanks, Deuce. I knew I could count on you to get me nothing.
  23. I don't know about that. I started him in one league, so you could be screwed. He'll shank a few and then get tackled on a blocked FG, break his toe, and miss the rest of the game.