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  1. taylor or dillon

    Dillon 100% if Maroney doesn't play.
  2. WDIS QB & WR

    I like Garcia and Walker!
  3. WDIS - C Taylor or S Morris?

    One more in the same spot. Looks like we won't know if we are correct until he gits hit Sunday. He looks like he's gonna start I'm just hoping he pulls a McGahee who had his best performance after coming back from his rib inj. I'm leaving J. Jones, M Barber III, and S. Morris on the bench for C. Taylor.
  4. I'm going with Chesty, leaving J. Jones, M. Barber III, and S. Morris on the Bench.
  5. WDIS @ QB?

    Vick in a must win game!
  6. Cough...Cough... ah yea Harris looks like your safest choice. Good luck!
  7. QB

    Farve went 3TDs and over 300yds last time vs DET. Go with Farve.
  8. WDIS @ QB

    Romo all the way!
  9. Fargas, Williams or Harris

    I'd go with (swallows and holds breath...) Fargas. OK there I said it.
  10. Norwood or DeAngelo Williams

    I think Norwood is going to start and if Dunn sits you have to go Norwood!
  11. wdis

    Make sure MJD is OK to start then I would probably go with him. He's a little banged up so if you have any doubts go with Gates.
  12. One more for Roy!
  13. QB help please

    I'd start Eli this is a big game for both teams and playing at home should help!
  14. Need to bench one of these wr

    I'd probably bench Edwards Baltimore wants the Bye and will play tough.
  15. Who do you like: Crumpler vs DAL or LJ Smith @ NYG? Right now I'm rolling with Crumpler. I'm also gambling with C. Taylor and leaving J. Jones, M. Barber III, and Sammy Morris on the bench. Hopefully he stays healthy and Tiki (my other RB) lights it up for the 4-5 TD's that he owes me.