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  1. one last kicker question

    anyone else for grammatica?
  2. one last kicker question

    Man that joke just keeps getting better and better...
  3. one last kicker question

    What does that mean? In Grammatica's first game he hit three FG's including the game winner. In his second game they got blown out, but he still had two FG attempts (made one) and a couple of extra points. So I'm not sure what exactly you're talking about.
  4. WR Help in playoffs

    Reggie Brown, all the way.
  5. Grammatica vs Atl or Longwell vs Jets thanks in advance.
  6. who is starting opposite Horn?

    Henderson has been announced the starter (re: Fantasy Guru)
  7. one last call for help...

    copper was taken off the injury report and is definitely playing.
  8. Heap vs Pit. Copper vs Atl. Heap seems safer, but Copper has the upside. Thanks in advance and good luck to all.
  9. I've also got Copper and Heap. I'm concerned that Colston gives it a go but he's nowhere near 100%. Thoughts?
  10. Any Word on Colston?

    I read the same thing, but as msmith points out, it's not official yet.
  11. Assuming Colston sits...

    anyone else? This one is killing me.
  12. Driver this week

    Farvre has been upgraded to probable according to the packers website... I wouldn't worry about him.
  13. Performance league. 6 pts for tds. 1 pt for every ten yards starting at 40. Need to choose my third WR. Do I go with Heap against Pit (who historically have played him pretty well) or Copper vs Atl. Obviously with Copper you've got Henderson and Horn to contend with... but I like his upside. Who do I start? Thanks in advance.