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  1. Keepers

    One's gotta be Westbrook -- clear first rounder (probably somewhere between the 5th and 7th best player). For the second, I think it's gotta be MJD -- he's also a potential (late) first rounder, especially if Fragile Fred gets moved. Holt and maybe Colston would be worth considering if you got to keep 3 guys, but a stud RB is better than a top WR. And the other 3 RB's are not necessarily even going to be starters for their teams next year (or they'll be in RBBC's), depending on where Turner ends uo.
  2. dynasty trade

    The team getting SA is definitely coming out ahead on this one.
  3. LT and Maroney Trade Interests already!

    I agree not to do it. You mentioned your fear that LT will wear down; it's just as likely to happen to LJ (or whoever else you get). Normally the simplest way to look at a deal is to see who gets the single best player; obviously if you're parting with LT that WON'T be you. The ONLY way I'd give up LT would be if I got back another potential stud RB (probably LJ or SJax, maybe Gore), PLUS another possible stud RB and a big-time receiver or QB. In other words, I MIGHT be willing to deal with the guy you listed, but I'd have to get back LJ PLUS 2 of Palmer/Chad/Fitz. And then I'd try to deal one of those guys (or Holt) for someone like a Rudi Johnson or Ronnie Brown -- that way you'd have two RB's who should combine for LT-level numbers....
  4. J-E-T-S

    As a Jet fan, I was happy with the season -- they played better, and were far more entertaining than under Herm Edwards. That being said, they played a pretty easy schedule, and snuck up on some teams and had a few breaks -- at this point, looking ahead to next season, I'd be happy with a .500 record. More importantly, they've got a good coach, two studs at the two most important offensive line positions, and Mike Nugent looks like he may end up being worth his early selection. And this year's record means they don't get that top 5 draft pick that I might have predicted for them back in August. But yes, nice season, going in the right direction, but not QUITE as good a story as the Saints.
  5. NFL all food andf beverage team

    John "chili con" Carney Dallas or Desmond Clark Bar Mark Campbell ('s) Soup Alvin PEARman Tyrone WHEATley Nate "Fig" Newton What about Chris Baker or Jay Cutler(y)??
  6. NFL all food andf beverage team

    Good thread, and not much time at the moment, but don't forget Turkey Jones. And does Emerson Boozer count???
  7. What is Cutler worth....

    SJax is a no-brainer. I would NOT keep Brees -- you can always find a decent QB. I guess that leaves 2 out of Mojo, Smith, and Colston -- when in doubt, go with the running back (especially since if he's NOT in a RBBC MJD could be a top-10 guy). Smith vs. Colston is tough -- I think I'd go with Smith, just because keeping 2 guys who were rookies this year is a risk -- I think they'll both succeed, but you never know. Smith's been a solid play for a while, and doesn't have to share the ball with as many guys (Deuce, Bush, Horn, Devery) as Colston does. As for the Cutler deal, I guess I think of him next year as a #2 QB, occasional start based on matchups -- he's in a relatively tough division. If I could get ANY fantasy starter, or maybe a #2 or #3 WR, I'd do it -- it's hard to come up with names, but maybe the back end of an RBBC -- someone like Cedric Benson or Deangelo Williams, or gamble on a Ladell Betts -- or a receiver with big play potential and an upside like a Matt Jones or Jericho Cotchery or Braylon Edwards??
  8. Keeper League Trade

    I wouldn't even consider it -- you should hang on to SA and Wayne -- you've got a loaded team. If you can deal Heap for a 4th or 5th, you might as well even do that (assuming you don't want to keep him), but I would think that if everyone keeps 6 guys he's probably worth hanging onto...
  9. pick my line-up

    None of your picks are terrible, although I don't particularly like Clark at TE when guys like Gonzalez and LJ Smith are out there. And there are plenty of other guys you can make a case for over Tiki and Owens. On the other hand, with the limited roster and limited number of teams, you want to have some "different" picks, and yours look close enough -- obviously not everybody will have the exact same preferences, and some of this stuff is guesswork...
  10. Leon Washington or Cedric Houston

    I don't think any Jet RB will be getting 400 carries. Look at NE with Maroney and Dillon this year, or better year the past few years when they had injuries and typically stuck guys like Patrick Pass or Heath Evans or Kevin Faulk in and they had big games. I would expect Houston and Washington to be in a RBBC even if the Jets DO draft an RB (which I'm not sure they'll do). Despite the article quoted above, I just don't see Washington holding up over a full season as an every down back, but I DO think he's gonna be on the field a lot.
  11. Trade Help

    I would definitely do it as long as I felt confident the league was gonna be around that long!!! I've never played dynasty, but I've been in long-term baseball leagues and we always tried to avoid trades with long-term components. If you think you can get him to sweeten the pot, I'd try and get a second or third rounder for THIS year thrown in. While it's hard to imagine AP being a bust, you never know. If he ends up on the Raiders, you gotta figure he's stuck facing the Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs twice a year each, will be on a team that's typically playing from behind, and that he'll probably end up in jail or rehab....
  12. Trade Help

    I wouldn't do it either. Droughns may not be starting next year, and Dillon could be just a goalline back. If you have Chester and McGahee, at least that's two guys who should get almost all their teams' carries and put up yards (if not TD's). You should be able to get a QB and WR in the draft if they're your big concerns. It's not like Rivers and Glenn are superstuds anyway.
  13. Which RB's to keep ?

    Tomfin -- I think you agreed with me (a few posts up), except I don't think Bush was a choice -- I think the Outfit was just listed Reggie's name as a comment next to Deuce. I think even in a keeper league, for a running back you don't want to look more than a year or two ahead because there are so many variables...
  14. Keeper League Starting Lineup

    No problem -- with Saban gone and the possibility that the next Dolphins coach won't bring back Ricky Williams, Brown and Fitz might be better than Gore and DJax... good luck!
  15. Draft Position vs Final Standings

    I focused on RB's in all my drafts; obviously got a little lucky. 1 -- Picked 10th out of 12 (Rudi J), won superbowl (got Gore 7th and Drew Brees in the 11th round!!) 2 -- Picked 10th out of 10 (Cadillac -- ugh), won superbowl (got Gore and Chester with 5th-6th picks) 3 -- Picked 2nd out of 10 (LJ), got #1 seed but lost in 1st round of playoffs 4 -- Picked 7th out of 10 (SJax), won superbowl (got Driver 6th, Chester 7th, Javon Walker 9th)