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  1. Morris or Dunn?

    Anyone else? Dunn seems to be the favorite
  2. Morris or Dunn?

    New reports are saying Brown is likely to play, but not start. What should I make of that?
  3. wdis at qb

    I'd expect great things from leinart
  4. Morris or Dunn?

    Morris is against the Jets, but might be benched depending on Ronnie Brown. Dunn is against Carolina, but has been inconsistent and splits carries. Another risk with Morris is that he isn't playing until Monday, so I might not be able to check the injury status of Brown before I need to make a decision.
  5. RB and Flex in the finals

    I start 2 RBs (Gore and ?), 2 WRs (Burress & Harrison), 1 flex (?) please advise on the RB2 and flex position.
  6. RB decision

    both of them are facing the all week review injury status. once you see that either of them is fully healthy, start that one. if it looks equal, start brown, the jets can't stop the run
  7. WDIS in the Superbowl!

    I'm one of the minority who starts Leinart over Brady. I like Brady because NE's Offense will do what it takes to win, and against Jax that means passing it, but I prefer Leinart because SF can't stop a solid passing game, and Boldin and Fitz should play fun games with their secondary. Please comment on my matchup: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=192049
  8. Ronnie Brown?

    Edge has been hot and SF hasn't. J-D has been hot, but NE is solid. I'd wait until the last possible minute, and follow Brown and Morris. If it looks like Brown will start early in the week, I'd pick him. If if looks like he's benched late in the week, I'd pick Morris. If neither of these happen, I'd pick J-D because he's more reliable.

    He will play. He got me the the Super Bowl too, and it ruled every second of the way.
  10. S.B.B.

    Agreed. When the Super Bowl comes, stick with the players who got you there
  11. what's your .02?

    for your RB I think Bush is more likely to score TDs, I think Betts is more likely to get 100 yds. When bonus is weighed against TDs and probability, I prefer Bush. I can't think of a reason to start Winslow over Gonzales. I like KC's D, but only because they are playing Oakland
  12. RB and Flex in the finals

    I also have Arlen Harris v. Chicago, but felt that one wasn't worth mentioning by comparison. Glad to help; glad to be helped.
  13. Romo v. Eagles, Alexander and Betts (I don't trust the injury risk to Taylor, nor do I like the matchup) Holt (always start a stud) and Evans (I think most of NO's passes will go to Colston, don't think that TB will need to pass against Cle) your D is a pickem. I'd go with the Titans, but I'm a Giants fan. Whos on the waivers
  14. For WR, I'm locking in Burress and Harrison. For RB, I'm locking in Gore. For my TE I'm starting Colston (in yahoo he is available as a TE). My RBs are Sammy Morris v. the Jets Warrick Dunn v. Carolina Cadillac Williams @ Cleveland WRs are Devery Henderson @ NYG Terry Glenn v. Philadelphia Matt Jones v. New England I like Morris v. the Jets but Brown might replace him. Dunn is unpredictable at giving TDs, and Williams plays for Tampa Bay, which sucks even against the Browns. Henderson is good, but I'm already starting one NO receiver, and last week starting two almost killed me. Terry Glenn might have all catches given to TO, and Jones has not given numbers that inspire confidence.