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  1. Championship Game WDIS

    geeeez, not much to choose from eh? Romo Dayne Johnson merry xmas
  2. Pick my lineup for the $$$$ HELP

    ok, I'll give it a stab.... Garcia = Dallas secondary struggling Benson = at least you know he's gonna play Smith/Johnson = talent wise they are the best that you got LJ = TE covered by Dal LB, Dal LB dont cover Martina = Dallas will win by FG and Martina will kick it merry xmas
  3. Running back quandry

    Rudi/Jones Drew.... I'm assuming thats what MOJO is?
  4. Ok about the teams that have clinched playoff berths., will they continue to play their starters or will backups get more time? i.e. Brees, LT, Manning, etc etc... It seems silly to me for them to chance an injury, but at the same time they obviously dont want to just give the game away either. I'm struggling over whether or not to start some of my money players Opinions?
  5. SB Lineup Poll

    tiki betts cutler branch
  6. Fitz or Holt for #2 WR?

    Holt... due for a huge game
  7. Ronnie Brown? Is he playing this week?

    ya, he's playing good start
  8. I Win...I'm In!

    Jacobs Bruce
  9. Bulger and Holt are killing my fantasy team!

    I'm with ya, I left Coles and Boldin on the bench.... started Holt and Wilford... I'm dumb
  10. Bulger and Holt are killing my fantasy team!

    He's afraid to throw the deep ball... longest pass play is 20yds and that came with a minute 1/2 left in the game... sad
  11. Observation.......

    Jack Del Rio Looks exactly like Al Gore................................. discuss.........
  12. Observation.......

    he does man.......
  13. RB kinda weak because of bye's Starting R. Brown along with : McGahee over Barlow?!?!?!?! Talent over matchup or matchup over talent? Also at WR : Boldin (Auto start) R. Brown consistant all year L. Coles love the match up G. Jennings On fire lately leaning on Mcgahee, Coles so far, any reason to change my mind?