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  1. Flex Positions, WDIS?

    I'd sit Henderson and Driver. Good luck!
  2. Any help would be appreciated. My team has backed into the playoffs. After starting the season 5-0-1, I went 2-5 in the last 7 and still managed to grab one of the four playoff spots. My team is cold, injured, and I'm in a boatload of trouble. My WR's are as follows: L. Coles vs Buffalo M. Colston @ Dallas Muhammad @ STL Chambers vs NE I must start two. This is a performance league. Coles/Colston would seem like the most reasonable play, but I really DO NOT want to be screwed by a game-time decision Colston again. Even if he is back, how effective will he be in his first game back @ Dallas? Chambers has been a huge bust all season, but had a pretty good game last week. He has screwed me all season, and I don't like to put my playoff hopes in his hands. NE's pass defense isn't that amazing. Muhammad could go beserk against the Rams, but Grossman has been playing like garbage lately and this is another VERY RISKY play. I need to have my lineup set by tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have Tiki as my number one back @ Chicago. Who do you suggest starting as the number two? Mike Bell @ Oakland.. Oakland just plain sucks. The only somewhat decent part of their team is their pass defense. Brandon Jacobs @ Chicago - Tiki might get some yards, but they might need the big boy to smash it in on Chicago's defense near the goal line. Reuben Droughns @ ATL ATL hasn't exactly been shutting down the run lately. Reub looks to rebound after facing a tough San Diego run defense.
  4. WDIS @ RB?

    Wow, tough one. I'd sit Gore or Taylor. Flip a coin. Seriously.
  5. I'm not quite sure who to start as my #2 WR this week... My options are as follows: Chris Chambers @ Bears or Michael Jenkins @ Detroit Why I would play Chambers: Although I have been saying it all season and it may not actually happen, Chambers is "due" for a good game. More importantly, the Fins might get spanked and Chambers might get some garbage yards (and maybe a garbage TD) after Miami abandons the run. Why I would play Jenkins: M.Jenkins has scored in each of his last two games. As Vick gets better, so do his receiving options. My opponent is starting Vick this week. Opinions?
  6. Who to start at #2 WR?

  7. Colston/Moss or Plax/Moss for Housh?

    Umm this guy is seriously overpaying for Housh...either trade is a steal for you...
  8. Help is this a good deal or not!

    This one is a no-brainer...go for it.
  9. Which stud RB this week...

    Touchdown heavy league? There is no option.... L T
  10. Ok, so my team is pretty deep everywhere except for QB, where I don't even have one legit player at the moment. I have been offered Peyton Manning for Torry Holt, Frank Gore and Shockey... I know I am giving up a lot, but I feel like I can afford it. Current team: QB- ???? Big Ben, Carr, and an injured Hasselbeck RB's: Gore, Tiki, Drougns, Dominic Rhodes (soon to be Brandon Jacobs) WR: Holt, Coles, Colston, Chambers TE: Shockey, Desmond Clark PK: Rayner, Carney DST: Jags, Vikings Current best lineup: QB: ??? RB: Gore and Tiki WR: Holt and Colston TE: Shockey PK: Carney/Rayner DST: Jags/Vikes if I make the deal... lineup: QB: Manning RB: Tiki, Droughns WR's: Coles and Colston TE: Desmond Clark PK: Rayner/Carney DST: Jags/Vikes I lose a lot of depth with the deal, but I feel like the new lineup (assuming no injuries, ect.) is pretty formidable.... any and all opinions are appreciated...
  11. In my league, this was the only move I could have made for a QB. The lesser QB's like you mentioned are number one's on some teams. The other decent trade-worthy QB's are on the bench of guys who are never willing to make trades. Thus, I had to bolster one of the worst teams who happened to have Manning (and almost nothing else). I offered a guy who has the most QB depth (Vick and Bulger) some pretty decent deals (Gore and Coles I believe) for Vick or Bulger, but he wouldn't budge. I guess he is happy having one rot on his bench every week.
  12. I tried a different approach this year...I have had nice leads about midway through seasons, made no changes, sat back and my just didn't cut it come playoff time. This season, I'm trying to go for the throat while I can and if it means taking some risks, so be it. I also know full well that if I suffer an injury NOW, my team is finished. But I have to assume that I won't and move forward.
  13. Both of those trades look to be in your favor. Your team seems to be stacking up nicely.
  14. Rank these WRs

    I'd go with Curtis in what should be a high scoring affair against KC. Jenkins would be your next best bet against Detroit...Vick and the Falcons passing game have looked great recently. I don't like Moulds or Williamson.
  15. Just wanted to add that my league gives 6 points for passing tds just as it does for rushing and receiving td's...not sure if that makes it look like any less of a stupid trade to you guys... I'm confident..
  16. I have decided to start BOTH Tiki and Jacobs this week at RB as they play the Texans..I think the combo will at the least provide 150 yards and two scores... My other option would be Tiki and Drougnns @ San Diego... ehh, I'll take my chances with the Giants tandem. If this game ends up being a blowout, Jacobs will carry the load.. what do you guys think?
  17. I pulled the trigger...I can't sit around with waiver wire scrubs until Hasselbeck get's back...I have scored in the 50's the last two weeks with garbage QB's (luckily I got one lucky win) when I normally average around 80 points... I feel like Shockey to Desmond Clark is not a big loss at all...Shockey is completely hit or miss.. Obviously losing Holt hurts, but I think his best games of the year are over and I got what I could out of him. Hate losing Gore as well, but San Fran gets down early and often abandons the run...Gore has also not played a full season and may break down as well... I think the points I will lose from downgrading from Gore to Drougns and Holt to Coles will be surpassed by the amount I gain from Peyton... Wish me luck.
  18. Ok, so everything was looking just dandy for my team this fantasy season. I felt I was solid at all positions, had a pretty deep bench and was 5-0-1. Then week 7 comes along, and craps on my head. My starting QB, Hasselbeck gets injured, and my backup Bledsoe gets benched. Here is my team besides them: RB's: Tiki, Gore, Droughns, Dominic Rhodes WR's: Holt, Coles, Colston, Chambers TE: Shockey, Desmond Clark PK: Carney, Rayner DST: Vikings, Jaguars So week for week 8, I scramble to pick up David Carr and Big Ben on the waiver wire. I thought I had done pretty well, these guys were not great fantasy qb's, but not scrubs either. So this week I started Carr, and everyone who watches football knows how that turned out. Big Ben also threw 4 picks on my bench, and I'm starting to get a little worried. So, I have proposed a few trades to some of the needy teams who happen to have good QB's, but if none of them pan out, who do you suggest I pick up on the waiver wire? I am definitely dropping Carr, I can't have a QB starting that may be benched for a poor performance. Here's the available QB's in my league: Brunell Alex Smith Huard Frye Losman Plummer Batch Harrington Gradkowski Romo As of now I am thinking of sticking with Big Ben (on my bench) and picking up Romo to start next week. I was impressed by what I saw from Romo @ Carolina, and think he can do even better @ Washington. I also like Huard, but am not so fond of the idea that it seems obvious that he will be benched as soon as Green returns. Any other ideas?
  19. McNabb off next week, Big Ben playing Denver

    Huard or Romo. Probably Huard.
  20. Need a QB for bye week fill

    Romo looked very good @ Carolina. If he keeps that kind of poise, he should have no problem @ Wahington.
  21. Don't want to jinx it, but Vikings defense is tough...I think you should be ok.
  22. Well I got throttled....

    Well even worse than completely getting your ass handed to you is when your opponent lays an egg and you still might lose to him (at least in my opinion). My opponent has 51 points with no players remaining (2nd lowest of the week). His team tanked with McNabb, and some awful receivers. However, my godawful squad put up 44, yes you heard that right, 44 points thus far. And this is a performance league. To make a comparison, in my league this week LT and LJ both put up 43 each. My last chance to gain 8 points is the Vikings defense. Lord help me, this is embarrasing. It's even more ridiculous as his team is 5-2, and mine is 5-1-1.