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  1. I would...Chambers has been a huge bust and Brown isn't a huge dropoff from Portis. Chad Johnson's upside is still big.
  2. who was on your bench this week?

    Benched Colston (started Holt and Coles)...Colston against Baltimore didn't exactly look like a dream match up Desmond Clark (started Shockey, and probably always will) Gore (started Droughns and Tiki)...Droughns played well and Tiki is always a must start, can't complain there... getting my ass handed to me this week, mainly because I was forced to start David "hands" Carr at QB.
  3. WW Help

    Washington for sure...
  4. I have Hasselbeck should i

    I would put Hasselbeck on IR, Pick up Pennington for this week and someone else for next week...if that is possible in your league...
  5. I need some defense/special team help. My league scores defense/special teams performance in the following way: DFR - Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (ID/DT/DST) 2 points DTD - Total Defensive and Special Teams TD 6 points Plus 2 points for a DTD of 40 to 100 Yds Int - Interceptions 2 points PA - Points Against, Total Points Scored 0 - 0 PAs = 10 points 1 - 9 PA = 5 points 14 - 20 PA = 0 points 21 - 27 PA = 0 points SACK - Sack 1 point STY - Safety 5 points I currently have the Jags and Seahawks defenses, both of which are decimated and inconsistent. I have first pick on the waiver wire because my team tanked and lost it's first game last week, so pretty much any defense (or two) is available to me. The free agents are: Cards Vikings Saints Packers Rams Raiders Lions 49ers Skins Titans Browns Texans Right now I am planning on dumping the Seahawks and picking up Minnesota...So I will have Jags and Vikings as my two DST. Does anyone think there are better options? Holding on to both defenses? Dropping both and picking up Vikings, and Rams/Saints? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  6. DST help...which to drop, which to add?

    bump....sorry. just had to.
  7. Vikings with slight edge over Panthers based on schedule only..
  8. Dealt for L.T.!

    Steal. Basically LT for Rudi and a third-rounder (Benson is junk)? I'll take that every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  9. I have Hasselbeck should i

    There isn't anyone better than Seneca Wallace on the waiver wire?
  10. First Trade, how did I do?

    That trade seems to work out for both sides. Good job.
  11. Dare I sit SJackson?

    Jackson. Washington may get some yardage but will have his TDs stolen by someone else. San Diego's defense is good but overrated, in my opinion.
  12. DST help...which to drop, which to add?

    bump...gotta get this done some time tonight..
  13. Quick trade advice!

    Portis is better than Jones, I didn't realize you were only starting two of those three WR's. Since you essentially have three #1 receivers, you can lose one without getting hurt too badly.
  14. Trade Advice

    I was thinking the same the thing...regardless of the type of league, take that trade and run with it! Getting Rudi for Housh straight up would be a bargain, and this guy is throwing in TG?
  15. Quick trade advice!

    I don't see the point of the trade myself, but I'd dump Darrel Jackson considering Hasselebeck and Alexander's injuires.
  16. Need tp Pick 2

    Go with the two best receivers here, Moss and Horn.
  17. Bledsoe issues

    I'd pick up Big Ben regardless if he plays this week, and play Brees despite the tough matchup. Then starting next week you have Brees and a healthy Big Ben to play each week depending on matchups. I have a similar situation, but mine is even a bit worse. I have Bledslow and Hasselbeck. I am going to send Hassel to the IR, drop Bledsoe, pick up Carr and Big Ben on the WW. I will play Carr against Tennessee this weekend if Big Ben is banged up, and then I will have the option between the two each week depending on matchups until Hasselhoff comes back.
  18. Is it really possible to play kickers based on match-up? I think weather and what field they are playing on matters, but other than looking at those things, I find it very difficult to decide which kicker to play each week. It doesn't seem like you can use offense/defense match-up logic when deciding what kickers to play. For example, if a team has a bad offense (or is playing a good defense), they may not get in the endzone, but this may mean 3 field goals for your PK. If a team has a good offense that always scores TD's, you may get 3-4 XP's and 1 FG a game... Anyone else see the dilemma? For example, this week my kickers are Dave Rayner (GB) v. Arizona and Carney v. Baltimore. Green Bay will probably rack up more points against Arizona than NO will against a tough Baltimore defense, but Carney will be kicking indoors. I swear kickers are too unpredictable.
  19. Would you drop dallas d

    You can play Denver nearly every week. Don't drop them.
  20. I have been offered Ronnie Brown in exchange for: F. Gore, RB & L. Coles, WR. What do you think about this deal? I am personally worried about the fact that Miami is just plain awful and has a very difficult schedule. I am also fond of Coles and don't think he is a fluke (as a #1 WR and with a healthy Pennington he is very productive). Coles and Gore are both #2's on my team at their respective positions. My team: QB: Hasselbeck, Pennington (Hasselbeck on IR for Carr) RB: Tiki Barber, Gore, D. Rhodes, R. Droughns WR: T.Holt, L. Coles, M. Colston, C. Chambers TE: Shockey, Desmond Clark K: Carney, Rayner DST: Jags, Vikings My league is based on: 1 point for 10 rushing yards 1 point for 10 receiving yards 6 points for a rushing or receiving TD Bonus for over 100+ rushing yards Bonus for over 100+ receiving yards I am thinking of rejecting and offering Colston and Gore for Brown... Any opinions?
  21. Thanks guys, your replies helped solidify my thinking. I guess what has turned me off about Gore despite his great season is the fact that he leaves the field during goal line situations. But taking all things in to consideration, I like Gore better than Brown.
  22. TRADE offered..

    I'd stay put as well. The trade won't necessarily improve your team.
  23. wdis Harrison vs R Brown

    I would never sit Marvin, but I guess that's just me...
  24. I am assuming, depite his futility, that I go with Droughns here. Jets have been reasonably easy to run against, and Droughns might get a cheap TD near the endzone. Even though Gore is the far superior back, he probably won't do much against the Bears, very likely will not score, and the Niners may be down early (thus abandoning the run). My league is based on: 1 point for 10 rushing yards 1 point for 10 receiving yards 6 points for a rushing or receiving TD Bonus for over 100+ rushing yards Bonus for over 100+ receiving yards