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  1. Which QB has more FF value

    Romo...he has TO, as well as a legit running back to take pressure off the passing game. Wallace has so weapons and receiver, but without Alexander, they will be gunning for him.
  2. Should I make this trade?

    Personally, I'd stick with what you have. Muhammad has been non-productive, and Carney is a throw-in. So essentially the trade is Manning for Vick, Holt and Coles... However, your WR corps is VERY deep and if Chad Johnson gets back on his game, you will still have him and Housh. I guess it all hinges on Vick. If you think Vick can be productive for the rest of the season, don't pull the trigger. If you are worried that Vick is too inconsistent, grab Peyton....as he is Mr. Consistency.