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  1. Wu's Pigs (mine) and RidingWithioutHelmets (a Steelers fan)
  2. calling all champions

    I pocketed $800 by taking the Championship in my office league this year. But I tell you, it's getting my name on the trophy (which I had been trying for the last 7 years to do) that was the real motivator for me!
  3. Congrats DMD. Amazingly enough, I had the same picks as you in my draft except that I had R. Williams instead of C. Johnson (LT, Gore, Gates I did have). I also won my FFL Championship. This was my first year with "The Huddle"...I'll be back! btw, Only a measly $800 compared to your $10k. I'm basking in the glow as well.
  4. Agreed...gotta play R. Brown.
  5. tough call...I think I would be inclined to go with Jones....Morris would be my 2nd choice.
  6. Pick 2 for the championship

    I think it's a Moss/Stallworth toss-up. Leaning slightly towards Stallworth as I think that game will be a shootout.
  7. I need 3 of 4

    I wouldn't say that (bench Gates)...I say bench Fitz. Gates had a horrible game last week, and he always comes off a bad game with a good one...I would (and actually AM) betting that Gates has a very solid outing this week.
  8. At one point, I had this same question....I went with Hackett. He's getting the looks lately.
  9. Who should be my flex guy in my Championship game? Michael Turner @ Seattle Isaac Bruce home against Washington Donte' Stallworth @ Dallas Joe Jurevicius home against TB Vincent Jackson @ Seattle or Arnaz Battle at home against Arizona RB's and WR's both get 1 pt for every 10 yds -- 6 for each TD Starters are: QB Palmer WR R. Williams WR D.J. Hackett RB L. Tomlinson RB F. Gore TE A. Gates K A. Vinatieri Def G.B.
  10. I would definitely play Roy Williams in my flex spot ahead of Glenn.
  11. TE: WDIS

    I would say go with Scheffler. Cutler still isn't comfortable with the downfield WR's, so I think Scheffler remains his primary target this week.
  12. Hey Guys. I am in the semi-finals now in my big-$ FF league. Here's the delimma: I have Carson Palmer as my stud QB, with Vince Young sitting my bench. My opponent has Chad Johnson as his stud WR. Should I stay with Palmer, which to some degree will offset Johnson's points? Or is this not a good idea, because Johnson also offsets Palmer? Is it worth the risk to go with Young instead??
  13. LT and Gore are my 2 main guys...I need to fill my #3 RB slot. Lundy, Morris....or Barlow??
  14. Grossman against SF (in Chicago) or Peyton Manning against Denver (in Denver) What's the better play?
  15. You've got to drop morris and pick-up and play Lundy. my team: QB: Palmer RB: L.T., Gore, Lundy, Morris, Barlow WR: Stallworth, Roy Williams, Kennison, Parker TE: Gates K: Vinatieri DEF: Ariz