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  1. Ok, there are 11 people left and its 1,000 to the winner. Here is who I have used Arizona, Wash, Cincy, Bal, Philly, Indy, Denver, Chicago Who looks the best this week? I need a winner!!! LOL Giants is the team that looks the best to me. ----------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta (5-2, Road: 2-1) 1:00 pm EST Detroit (1-6, Home: 1-2) FOX Tennessee (2-5, Road: 1-3) 1:00 pm EST Jacksonville (4-3, Home: 3-0) CBS New Orleans (5-2, Road: 2-1) 1:00 pm EST Tampa Bay (2-5, Home: 2-2) FOX Miami (1-6, Road: 0-4) 1:00 pm EST Chicago (7-0, Home: 4-0) CBS Kansas City (4-3, Road: 1-2) 1:00 pm EST St. Louis (4-3, Home: 2-1) CBS Houston (2-5, Road: 0-3) 1:00 pm EST NY Giants (5-2, Home: 2-1) CBS Green Bay (3-4, Road: 2-1) 1:00 pm EST Buffalo (2-5, Home: 1-2) FOX Dallas (4-3, Road: 2-2) 1:00 pm EST Washington (2-5, Home: 1-2) FOX Cincinnati (4-3, Road: 2-1) 1:00 pm EST Baltimore (5-2, Home: 2-1) CBS Minnesota (4-2, Road: 2-1) 4:05 pm EST San Francisco (2-5, Home: 2-2) FOX Denver (5-2, Road: 2-1) 4:15 pm EST Pittsburgh (2-5, Home: 2-1) CBS Cleveland (2-5, Road: 1-2) 4:15 pm EST San Diego (5-2, Home: 3-0) CBS Indianapolis (7-0, Road: 3-0) 8:15 pm EST New England (5-1, Home: 2-1) NBC Monday November 6, 2006 Oakland (2-5, Road: 0-3) 8:30 pm EST Seattle (4-3, Home: 2-1) ESPN
  2. who was on your bench this week?

    Fred Taylor and Wali Lundy on my bench, Started Westbrook and A Green. Was never going to bench Westbrook though lol Had Mushin on my bench and Moss starting, 20 freaking yards from Moss.
  3. Play Travis Henry and sit Tatum Bell?

    Indy has a horrible run D, Id go with Tatum
  4. Plaxico or Reggie Brown

    I like Plax right now, they seem to be getting it together and he can take a short pass for a long TD even with the wind.
  5. WDIS, 2nd RB

    Thanks, leaning to Green right now
  6. WDIS, 2nd RB

    I have Westbrook, who seems a no brainer when healthy 2nd RBs I have are Ahaman Green @ Ari Fred Taylor @ Phil Cad WIlliams @ NYG Wali Lundy @ Tenn 12 person league
  7. Vick

    God I hope so. I had Vick on the bench for Leinart too, but still had high score. Im starting him this week for sure
  8. Trade Westbrook for Torry Holt?

    It looks like you would knock Chambers out of your lineup for Lundy. Kinda scary having Lundy in the lineup every week since he can disapear like ever other Texas runningback. I do like Lundy though, but having to start him every week regardless of matchup seems risky.
  9. Trade Adive - Cadilac for Edge

    Thanks to both of you. It does seem a toss up at this point.
  10. I have Cadilac, I have been offereed Edgeren James. I have Westbrook, A Green, Taylor and Wali Lundy (Go UVA ) I though this was a no brainer and keep Cad, but James is actually having a better fantasy season in our league. What do you guys think? Thanks! Sorry for the spelling errors, very tired