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  1. S. Jackson for...

    I'm in a keeper league were RB's are hard to come by. My five keepers are. Jackson, Moss, R. Brown(Philly),G. Gennings with Gonzo or Rivers at the 5th spot. if I make the trade it would look like this MJD, R. Brown, Moss, R. Brown( Philly), Gonzo If I make the trade it will give the other team this 5 keeper team Jackson, James, Westbrook,Boldin, NE D He also has D. Williams which would be a redraft pick. It is a ppr league. Draft is Aug 5th Should O make this trade or ask for Westbrook and not MJD? Thanks
  2. Trade Steven Jackson?

    I know Jackson is a stud but you can't tell me that Westbrook with Ronnie Brown or E. James or MJD in a keeper leaggue is not at good if not better then Jackson and G. Jennings or P. Rivers Thats what I would drop If I did a two for one. Roster before trade Jackson,Reggie Brown, R. Moss,B. Edwards,G. Jennings ( Had Dillon and L. Jordan but will drop them} Roster after trade any two of these James, Westbrook, MJD, Westbrook or E. James, with Reggie Brown, B. Edwards and R. Moss We start any combo of rb's and wr's must start one of them also it's a IDP league.
  3. Trade Steven Jackson?

    Yes, it's a PPR league.
  4. Trade Steven Jackson?

    Bronco Billy, you have some good points. Last season I had Dillon, L. Jordan and R. Brown and Boldin. When Jordan went down and Dillon slowed I traded for S. Jackson. ( Boldin, Brown for S. Jackson and Moss I had other receivers that put up Boldin like numbers I needed a RB and this worked}. Still finshed in the top 5 we also have IDPs which I make up alot of ground with Z. Thomas, A. Wilison(AZ) which are not keepers. I pick number four in the draft at this point most rookies that could help will be gone but who knows all I need is someone to take a D upfront (Chi, Balt, NE) then in in for AP, Lynch, Johnson) Some ok rb's will be left but don't know yet people have not stated their keepers til Aug 25th So what do you think? Hang with what I have or go for it?
  5. Trade Steven Jackson?

    It is a ppr league. You think Ronnie Brown is out of the question here. I was thinking Westbrook, R. Brown for Jackson would help me out for years to come. This is a five player keeper league so do the math on what will be around at #4 all good rookies gone and so so rb's left.
  6. I play in a keeper league and my team is a bit thin this year but have been offered a trade a 2 for 1. If I keep my team the way it is a will be a little weak at rb. Here it is. S. Jackson, R. moss, Reggie Brown, B. Edwards, P. Rivers or G. Jennings If I make this trade I can Have any two of these rb's E. James, Westbrook, MJD, B. Westbrook, D. Williams What make sense? I also have the #4 pick in the first round and can waite it out. Let me know.
  7. I'm in phoenix and might be able to get a few to join in at least two .
  8. Offensive Rookie of the Year

    I have to go with Lynch too.
  9. Trade in keeper league

    I'm not playing on keeping Jones he is just a player I have to trade.
  10. Playing in a keeper league and we can only keep 5 and would have to let these guys go so I thought I'd put them together and pick up a better player what do you think and what five would you keep standard scoring. I give Manning and D. Williams and them get T. Owens My maybe keepers E. Manning, T. Romo, C-Pep C. Benson, K. Jones, B. Jacobs, K. Jones D. Williams M. Colston, A. Johnson, J. Gennings, J. Porter V. Davis I'm thinking Benson,Jacobs, Colston, Johnson, V. Davis the rest are none starters splitting time or have a injury or on a bad team. Should I change my mind?
  11. Numerous Offers -- Colston's Worth?

    No Way! If you get a #1 plus a top player.
  12. 1.1 draft pick

    I like cj2 alot and think is a once and a time wr's maybe once in ten years will we see a guy this gifted. If he can do what Bruce or holt can do then he is the best choice at 1.1 for my team. It's still hard to pass up AP and Lynch. I like Lynch alot and trading might be a good idea for me because i think he will be the #3 pick in my draft. Thanks
  13. 1.1 draft pick

    Yes. its ppr. I thinking Lynch is gonna be a stud with the Bills AP will split carries with C. Taylor Still Ap? Injury prone?? What do you think
  14. 1.1 draft pick

    I can keep 5 of this group E. Manning, Romo Benson, K. Jones, B. Jacobs, D. Williams A. Johnson, M. Colston, G. Jennings, V. Davis Standard scoring, can start and combo of wr or rb's Thanks