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  1. Opinions on #3 WR

    I think Holmes has the slightest edge too... See mine?
  2. WDIS

    At the moment I'm going Bulger, Betts, Dayne, Burress. Am I right? Wrong?
  3. WDIS

    Hey guys, any and all help greatly appreciated! Scoring favours running/scrambling QBs - 1 point per 10 yards and 6 per rushing TD, 1 point per 30 yards passing and 3 points per passing TD. It's a salary cap league by the way, hence I have a choice of top players at WR - they're where I've allocated most of my money. QB: Bulger vs. MIN Young vs. NE Garcia vs. ATL RB: (need two): Betts vs. NYG Jones-Drew vs. KC Dayne vs. CLE WR #1: (need one... duh!) Burress vs. NYG Owens vs. DET Harrison vs. MIA Wayne vs. MIA
  4. WDIS in Week 17?

    Hey guys, still playing in week 17, standard scoring, no PPR. Can't win my league but hoping to steal second place and win back some pride! QB: (need one) Bulger vs. MIN Palmer vs. PIT WR: (need two) Houshmandzadeh vs. PIT Furrey vs. DAL Bruce vs. MIN Driver vs. CHI TE: (need one) Cooley vs. NYG LJ Smith vs. ATL Scheffler vs. SF Winslow vs. HOU Thanks!
  5. Which stud WR?

    Plax it is then?
  6. Which stud WR?

    Ok, now we got 3 Burresses, 2 Holts and 2 Owens. !Confused!
  7. Which stud WR?

    Ok so we got 2 for Burress and 2 for Owens... Need some deciding votes!
  8. Which stud WR?

    Hey guys. Salary cap league and I can afford one stud WR. Who has the biggest game? Harrison vs. HOU Wayne vs. HOU Burress vs. NO Holt vs. WAS Fitzgerald vs. SF Boldin vs. SF Owens vs. PHI 1 point per 10 yards, 6 points a score. I'll help with yours if you post a link.
  9. Roster help

    Bang on. See mine if you can, thanks
  10. WDIS at RB for superbowl?

    Shockingly enough, I'd roll with Dayne. He put 98 yards and a TD on the Patriots, and Indy's run D is far worse than that of New England. Plus, if the Colts jump out to an early lead, they'll prob soften up. They've already got a playoff spot, so I guess they're only playing for homefield. If Peyton/Marvin put up points early, and the game is all but done, I can see them softening up. Dayne should do pretty well I guess. Good luck See mine if you get a chance. Thanks.
  11. WDIS?

    If Ronnie Brown is healthy and playing, drop Ahman Green. If Brown's not playing... Then you've got 3 left anyway... Good luck! See mine if you get a spare moment.
  12. Which QB?

    Ok so that's 3 for Romo, one for Garcia... Anyone else wanna add to either tally?
  13. Which QB?

    Anyone? Cheers guys.
  14. Which QB?

    Can I get another Garcia vote for peace of mind?! Chip in folks!