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  1. Welcome Brack Ugly Tuna !

    This is good stuff Z
  2. SuperBowl Squares

    In and done. Come on luck!!!!!!!! Z
  3. DMD Play-Off Office Pool

  4. Best part is, you can now go to your favorite sports bar with wireless and enjoy the company of many friends while eating, drinking and enjoying the game!!!!! Z
  5. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    I don't know why people use camels anymore, their backs are known to give out easily Z
  6. Ditka says Patriots are classless

    +1 They are human just like the rest of us (most anyway ). Z
  7. Ditka says Patriots are classless

    I agree, but make it individual. Don't diss the whole team and stadium. Z
  8. The Conspiracy Theorist

    I agree as well. If you wanna see bad or fixed officiating, watch the NHL for a few days. It's the only sport I know of that the ref's can call a penalty because one player looked at the other wrong . At least that's the way it seems............. Z
  9. Who was LT bucking up on after the game?

    I agree. I actually have more respect for LT now. I thought the Patriots were better than this. They stooped to Merriman's level, and that is no fault of LT's. Just so happens he was walking by when they were doing their little dance. Then again, if we compare anyone from the Patriots to TO, we know exactly what kind of idiot they are. Z
  10. blow on it!

    Wish I was 21 again.....................well, maybe only for a couple weeks! Don't think the liver could handle anymore than that. Z
  11. Just wanted to vent before i retired!

    I'm knew I was out a couple weeks ago and I'm still getting advice here and there for who to start. Hey, if I can't make the play-offs, I'm gonna play the spoiler . I can't wait until next year as well. Looks like I get the #1 pick as well, wonder who I'll take
  12. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Taylor Owens Holt
  13. Which RB?

    I'd go Parker. I don't see Clev. scoring a lot of points so Pitt. will stick with the run and burn the clock.
  14. Pick 2 for Sunday

    I like Mason. He has a connection with McNair and it can only get better.