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  1. Des Clark all the way. Stevens drops more balls than a Browns WR!
  2. Super Bowl Starters

    I'd go with Boldin vs SF and Roy Williams vs Chi. I like the Boldin matchup and I don't really care for the others. I'd go with Williams by default
  3. QB (1) Pennington vs Mia Hasselbeck vs SD Carr vs Ind 1 per 20 yds pass, 4 td RB (2 or 3) Betts Was vs StL Ronnie Brown vs NYJ Gore vs Az Lundy vs Ind Mike Bell vs Cin 1pt 10 yds rush, 1pt 5 yd rec WR (2 or 3) Driver vs Min Holt vs Was Bruce vs Was Chad Johnson vs Den 1 per rec, 1 pt per 10 yds D NE vs Jax Pittsburgh vs Balt
  4. QB: Romo vs Eagles (should have a stronger game than the weaker Manning) RB: Alexander vs SD Betts vs Rams (I am benching Ronnie Brown for him) Taylor may slowed by injury WR: Pick 2 Evans vs TEN Holt vs WAS (I need him to come up big too) DEF: Saints vs Giants (I think this is the better of the two)
  5. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    I'd go with Romo. He may be for real. I don't trust Grossman or Garcia.
  6. I think that I would go with Branch. He is the #1 WR and although Henry will catch some passes, he has TJ and Cinqo de Mayo getting most of the balls
  7. As much as it would scare me, I would start Favre vs Jets. Look what Carr did against them. NE should blow out Detroit and that should cut into Brady's #s. I would also start AJ at flex.
  8. WDIS

    I think that I would go with Pittsburgh. TB can't run or pass and do not play well in the cold.
  9. Who should I start? (D+special teams TDs) NE v Det Pitt v TB 0-199 yds 10 pts 200-300 yds 5 pts 2 pts- Sac, Int, Fum recovery 6 pts 0-35 TD 8 pts 36-50 TD 10 50+ TD
  10. Wide Receiver Options

    As much as I hate to say it I would start Edwards. Not that I am a homey but if he catches every catchable ball thrown to him, he is a low 1st or 2nd tier WR.
  11. WDIS Grossman or Harrington?

    I like Harrington. I don't know why but it seems that even though Brown is out that Miami's running game will get too much respect and Harrington may be able to put up some #s.
  12. RB & WR Help

    Lundy even with a bad matchup is better than Lewis with a good one. I like Winslow and Evans.

    Gore Johnson CTaylor Lewis is worthless
  14. WDIS RB?

    McGahee for sure