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  1. Im sick of Marc Bulger sucking so I've resorted to picking up players week to week on the waiver wire. Im going to pick up another main guy and rotate him with Bulger the rest of the season or untill Bulger picks it back up. Should I pick up Jay Cutler, Vince Young, Jason Cambell, David Garrard or Charlie Frye. Which one of them or any other you might reccomend should I pick up?? Please Help
  2. I need help with this one. Im deff starting Chester Taylor but I dont know what other RB to start. Jamal is going up agianst a bad rush d in Cinncinatti but hes inconsistand. Wally Lundi is going up agianst a bad rush d in the Giants but is unproven. Gore is going up agianst the best rush d the NFC so im not too sure if i want to start him. What would you guys do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.