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  1. Chill out is a good thought

    Once again, DMD sums it up well! The better team won. It is sad that all we are what we are talkin' about is the ZEBRAS. There were sooooo many questionable calls on both sides. I would be OK with a bad call or two BUT 4, 5, or 6 BAD calls?!?! :doah: Someone needs to list an impartial list of all the "questionable" calls.... I lost count...
  2. First, it was Manning can't get his team to the playoffs-He has done that. Then it was Manning can't win a playoff game-He has done that. Then it was Manning can't beat New England-He has done that. Now, it is He can't win the big game-They are all big and He wins many more than he loses. Glad to have him. I think he has proven he can WIN games. To say he will never win the BIG one is just plain STOOOPID. I suppose you know who is going to win the next TEN super bowls? Please share your wisdom. I would really like to know who will be the champions in about 5 years so I can win lots of $$$. Don't bet on the COLTS because Manning is the QB.
  3. I agree....Do nothing and keep pluggin' away. Never give up. In one month colts went from an unbeatable team that was going to walk away with the Lombardi trophy to a team who lost momentum for many reasons: The most important reason=Football is a game to be played. Life, faith, and hope for the future are certainly MORE IMPORTANT. Colts are a grade-A organization from top to bottom. Polian=winner-some experts dubbed him Exec. of the year. Dungy=winner-class act and a true role model-great leader. Manning=winner and the BEST in the game that needs to be protected much better. San Diego showed everybody how to beat the colts. Pitt. watched and learned. Good job. To all the Manning haters out there-I am glad he is on my home team and not yours. I would much rather have a QB that gives his team a chance to win EVERY single game he is under center than any other QB. Give me the #1 pick right now and I take Peyton. If you want to compare him to Marino-fine. Marino had a hall of fame career and won MANY more games than he lost. Marino will be remembered as one of the best ever-so will Manning. Oh yeah, This just in-His career is not over-he has many years of guiding his NFL team left. It will be fun to watch and I will enjoy them all. GO COLTS!!!
  4. Nick Harper

    Every NFL team has some bad apples. Polian usually does a pretty good job of getting quality players. Maybe he missed on this one. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more on this story.

    It is great to hear national talk shows question the coaching genius of Bellihead. Something about putting a rookie on ROD SMITH. Letting a rookie return punts. Good to hear. No, Great to hear! Pats had a nice run. Time for a new champion!
  6. Bob Cunningham's analysis of Divisional Round

    Colts win by double digits. They are as healthy as they have been in awhile. Looks like everyone is playing. Lots of time for The home team to come up with a nice game plan to DEFEAT the visitors! I needed to chime in before the thousands of Steelers fans start in. GO COLTS!!!
  7. a TIE for COMEBACK POY?

    A tie?!? What crap! Steve Smith had an MVP type year. Tedy's recovery was a good story and got PLENTY of hype. To make Smith share is just plain wrong. I already think the PATSIES get way too much coverage, hype, and credit. This is just solidifying an already present dislike for that east coast team. Maybe the JAGS knock them off so we won't have to hear ANYMORE!!!
  8. Your 2005 FF MVP?

    Thomas Jones was my best RB. Thanks alot Dom and Jamal- Favre and Eli Manning played at QB and I always seemed to play the WRONG one. Galloway off the WW paid off big time. My FF MVP-T. Jones.
  9. QB ? - splitting hairs

    Another vote for McCown. Brunnell should be handing off to PORTIS all day. Cardinals have to running game. Good luck!
  10. Comeback Player of the Year

    Steve Smith-coming back from a broken leg to talk of possible MVP. Easy one for me-Steve Smith-Comeback player of the year!
  11. Snake/McCown/Garrard

    It is Plummer vs. McCown the way I see it.... I picked up McCown in one league and am leaning toward starting him over Collilns because MANNING is sitting... The huddle has McCown for 240 yards and 2 TD's... I like those numbers. Plummer is playing at home against a division rival. Logic would say start Plummer because he got you this far but if you like to gamble McCown could have a big game at home too.... Good luck!
  12. Which average QB to play in FF superbowl-

    I agree, I am leaning toward Collins. He will at least get MEGA yards with Jordan out. Brunnell could be handing off to PORTIS all day. Anyone else?
  13. Huddlers, What do you think? WDIS? Collins at Denver or Brunell vs. NYG Manning got this team to the superbowl. Not starting him. Too risky. Going against PALMER.....arrrghhh! QB's in this league are awarded 6 POINTS for TD's and do not score yardage POINTS until they hit the 200+ yard mark. 200+ yards=6 pts. 226-249 yards =8 pts. 250-274 yards= 10 pts. 275-299 yards=12 pts. 300+ yards=12 pts plus 3 pt. bonus. INTS and FUMBLES -2 pts. Thanks in advance for your INSIGHT!
  14. Bench Favre cause he is gonna lose points?

    Allow the benching of FAVRE-to preserve the win-good management. If he HAS to start a QB- Couldn't he pick up either back-up QB (Ravens/Packers) and play him? Commish, Keep out of that owners STRATEGY-It is his team let him run it as he wishes.
  15. Who are your favorites for the Super Bowl?

    Indianapolis and Seattle/Chicago? COLTS ALL THE WAY!