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  1. WR - Need 1 of 3

    I would go with Santana Moss this week. Henderson has to compete with McAllister, Bush, Horn, Colston, and sometimes Copper. Berrian all depends on QB play from Grossman or possibly Greise, You don't know if they will play well.......When in doubt go with the most talented player and that is MOSS.
  2. Morris @ Buf C. Benson TB? RB #2 HELP!

    Sammy Morris. I like his matchup I wish I could start three RB's this week. I have Tiki against Philly, MoJo Drew against Ten and Sammy Morris against a crappy Bills D. I am going with Tiki and Jones-Drew unless MJD is downgraded to Out or doubtful.
  3. Who do I sit?

    I like Housh and Holt. Forget Addai, I think Cincy's run defense will shut him down for less than 75 yds rushing. Good Luck
  4. Farve or Romo

    I like Favre. I think D. Hall will pick Romo off at least one time.
  5. WDIS QB Pick ONE!

    I have Eli Manning, Steve McNair and Jay Cutler. Pts are 1pt for every 25yds passing, 1pt for every 10yd rushing, and -2pts for INT and 6pts for TD. I like McNair's matchup against the lowly Browns, but Manning had 371 yds passing and 3 TD's against Philly in Philly. And Cutler could be ready to break out against a crappy Cards pass D. Help guys I would love to win my first ever playoff game, been bounced in the first round last 2 years. Thanks in advance and good luck in your games, I will be answering your questions all day.
  6. WR Question, I need 2 of the 3 to play.

    Holt and Booker, gotta go with the hot player in booker. Holt is a must start every week
  7. WDIS WR - Stallworth, R. Brown, Booker

    I would also go with Stallworth over Brown but Booker has been on Fire recently, and he is tough to go against however I benched Booker this week in favor of L. Coles because in two career games against the Vikes he has 9 rec for 143 and a TD. But I still may change my mind before gametime and go with Booker
  8. QB: WDIS

    If you want to lose then listen to the other guys.....Garcia will screw up and lose the game for Philly. I would go with Rivers.
  9. WDIS #3 WR

    I would say Booker not Copper because Horn could play, Colston could play, Henderson will play and that means Copper would probably be a #2 or #3 option in WR's but still overall a #5 option on the team at the highest.
  10. Weekly M. BarberIII v. J Jones

    Marion Barber.......JJ SUX!!!!!!!
  11. Pick TWO QBs

    I would go with McNair and Phillip Rivers. Denver's Pass D has some holes and I believe Gates and Parker will exploit them.
  12. this is a crazy thought but would you do this

    I would start only T Jones and I would definitely start Travis Henry. Henry has a great matchup and even though T Jones will split carries only expect Benson to get 10-12 touches.
  13. Which WR do I bench

    Bench Boldin. Their running game is starting to show signs of life here lately and Leinart likes to throw to Fitz more than Anquan.
  14. Do I dare

    I would give Garrard a try. It looks like he and Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford are finally getting their timing down and DA Bears D looks too good considering Bulger's struggles recently.
  15. Booker or Jennings

    Favre looks crappy here lately and Green's production is up so I would go with Booker, I just picked him up myself. I would bench Keyshawn in your situation