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    I have to play 3 wide recievers, I have C. johnson going against denver, R. Wayne going against Houston and I need a third, I have D. Jackson (out with turf toe) so I am left with A. Bryant at arizona or D. Henderson at N.Y. Giants, should I play Henderson or try to trade /drop Bryant as my free agent pick. I have dropped into 2nd and need these last two weeks wins bad, I have made some bad decisions over the last few weeks and went from a 2 1/2 game lead to 1 1/2 game deficet. any suggestions.

    Thanks, I think I will run Henderson even though he did not do much last week, I think he is the better option, thanks all that inputed.
  3. Which Defense should I start?

    Indy is a good choice this week, especialy if Freeny plays like he did last week.
  4. Westbrook or Jones-Drew

    I have learned it is very bad to sit westbrook, I sat him last week and played A. Green after looking at a the start/bench report, I lost last week and leraned I will not do that again. I would stick with westbrook.
  5. McAllister or Bush

    I think I would go with Bush due to the recieving aspect. I don't know how your league scores but we get double points for a running backs recieving for a TD. Bush is the better option if scored similar.
  6. running backs

    I have L. Johnson playing and need one more RB for my lineup, should I stick with Westbrook or give C. Dillon (at home vs houston)or A. Green (also at home vs detoit) a shot this week?????
  7. running backs

    Thanks for the fyi, I will use that next time.
  8. Which QB

    I am leading my league with a record of 9-3, was comfortable but the guy in second has LT and Addai so he has made a quick run to 2nd from around 5th and now is 1 1/2 games behind me so I need to keep up with the wins. What do you all think, stick with Brees at home against SanFran or Brady at home against Detroit? Bree's has been more consistent and I know San Fran should not be a problem but Brady against Detroit seems like the better option, what do you all think??
  9. My league scores 6pts for 1-9 yd td, 9pts for 10-39 yds and 12 pts for 40+. I have been using Bulger on a regular basis, switched it to Brady last week and 4 interceptions (ouch) will he come back strong? And have not used Brees at all....What do you think??
  10. Tom Brady or Mark Bulger or Brees

    Thanks for the advice, the flip of the coin will be the awnser this week I think.