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  1. WDIS: Bulger or Grossman

    I am starting Grossman and playing against Bulger...I wish it was the other way around.
  2. Edge or D. Williams

    I think Romo. Jennings or Evans is a push either way as I see both putting up similar numbers. I'd go with Evans. Williams against Philly...the Edge is a bust.

    Given the return yds I think Welker is the guy.
  4. I think Grossman is the call this week. Please see mine
  5. Tony Romo or Peyton Manning?

  6. WR Help

    I like Evans and Jennings. Caldwell was a close third. Check out my post.
  7. WDIS - WR

    Never sit Fitz or Smith. See mine please
  8. WDIS - Def

    I am with you...I think the Giants D steps up today after all the turmoil this week. Huge game at the Meadowlands. Please see mine.
  9. Must Win Situation

    Maroney, Taylor and Romo.
  10. Lienart or Bulger

    I'd stick with Bulger at home against AZ. If it makes you feel better....I am facing Bulger this week and every QB i have faced this year has had a career game against me. Please see my post
  11. Bench Hasselback?

    I still like Hasselback. SF hands the ball to Gore and Smith is more of a game manager. Don't take chances, limit mistakes. See mine...
  12. WDIS?

    Tough either way you look at it. I'd go with Williams.
  13. Gotta go with Green against the Jets. Please see mine.
  14. Bad RB help!

    I'd take a chance on Houston. He practiced with the #1 offense all week. Barlow is most likely going to be inactive as Mangini has moved from 3 backs to 2. Before Houston got hurt is was looking like a solid RB. I'd expect him to get 15+ carries this week...maybe 70 and a TD.