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  1. Come on, Frank...

    By this time next year Gore will be an elite. It will be LT, LJ , SA and Gore. He is that good. I will have no problem taking him as my #1 next year if I get pick 4 on.
  2. What is Pinner doing in there?

    Fason didnt start the game. Pinner was the starting RB on the first series.
  3. according to the fantasy focus medicine man . will carroll on espn radio this morning. he said chester is out . Fason is going to start. he said Joe horn will not play and colston is a GTD but probally out.. he also said tatum bell toe is an issue and is on painkillers for his toe(why he was limping end of game last week. they were wearing off). but he will play. also mentioned westbrook and said his toe is a concern today.but he is a go but may not get a lot of carries if he can't cut. just a heads up to everyone not up like me at 8 am in the morning listening to espn radio. now this is Will Carroll saying all this so we shall see
  4. The Fantasy reality of Michael Vick (must read)

    Great Article. That is what people cant comprehend. VIck is one of the best fantasy players this year. He has a bad game and scores 18 fantasy points. Romo has a bad game and he gets 7 points. I will take Vick as my fantasy QB any day over just about anyone. FANTASY wise he is that good.
  5. Chris Chambers...Biggest Flop?

    Over rated Yards are a little low but not bust numbers. just overrated for where he was drafted. He was drafted as a #1 reciever and hes putting up #3 Fantasy reciever numbers. He is still one of the most targeted recievers in the league and you know that one big game ( Lee Evans like game) is coming. thing is figuring out when it is. Missed out on a big game last week when his 56 yards TD was called back for a penalty that had nothing to do with the play. and the week before a 46 yarder he stepped out at the 1 inch line. it was that close.