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  1. Is this fair?

    I was wondering how long it would be before this came it turns out I could only be so lucky...I happened to be playing for the other open playoff spot and ran into Brees/LT/Jones-Drew...bummer I'm not sure when the statistical changes go into effect, it's usually done automatically via Yahoo! scoring system and it's never decided a game retroactively. As it turns out, though, I made a decision and told him that whatever his lineup is at kickoff tonight is the one that will count forever, regardless of any post-game changes. Looks like he's gonna sit SJax and take his chances. Thanks for the opinions Cheers
  2. Is this fair?

    I understand the argument for the unconditional non-start. The problem is that as far as the league knows, we have all the information needed right now. We've never allowed a conditionally-based start/sit in the past and probably won't in this case, as some people seem opposed to it. I guess I'm in the minority here because I could see myself in this situation wanting the same thing. The other thing is that his team has been the cinderalla story of the year - started 0-6 and is now looking to be 8-6 with a good shot in the playoffs. I don't think that SJax will get negative points or that the scores will be changed and I think he's just over-thinking the whole thing. I appreciate the opinions, welcome more... Cheers
  3. Is this fair?

    INteresting idea about $$$ for most points...maybe next year. on your second point, though, in this case it would be "not putting in a full lineup to guarantee a playoff spot" - IMO it's much less lame and not too bad of an idea
  4. Is this fair?

    Agreed, but as it stands right now he doesn't need any more points. The only reason he would need more is if something strange happened where the scores were changed in the which case he would then need the points and would obviously start him...but right now we have no reason to think that this would happen (scores getting changed) Cheers
  5. Is this fair?

    I guess I should add that we are allowed to change our lineups up until kickoff of that players game. So, in this case he is still allowed to sit SJax and start nobody...or pickup the 8th string RB for STL and start him and earn 0 points. We have no rule saying that you cannot change your lineup once it's in, unless the game has already started. Cheers
  6. Is this fair?

    Someone in my league asked this question today, and it seems fair to me, but thought I'd ask for outside opinions...the situation where scores were previously changed had to do with somebody being awarded yards for a catch that wasn't originally calculated - this happened about two days after the scores were thought to be final and ended up effecting the teams total points in the standings, moving them up - although it didn't end up having a long-term impact. I appreciate the opinions. Cheers! Posted on our message board: I would like the league's permission to six SJax tonight on a conditional term: As things sit right now, I've made it in to the playoffs and have won my game this week - plus I still have SJax set to play tonight. The only way I could lose and not make the playoffs is if he gets me negative points. Thus, it makes sense to me to not play SJax tonight and take my victory with no risk... Here's my problem...I seem to remember several weeks ago where some scores were changed several days after they were originally posted for reasons beyond everyone's control. My problem is this: IF this were to happen again and [opponent's] score were to go up or mine down, it is possible that I could still lose the game. Therefore, with permission, I would like to ask that I be able to sit SJax tonight UNLESS the scores end up being changed. Should the scores end up getting changed in a way that will effect my matchup with [opponent] IN ANY WAY (even if it helps MY score) then [Commish] can go back and give me WHATEVER points SJax scores tonight - even if they are negative. My reason is that obviously if I knew that our score would be changed then I would play SJax, but as things are right now I see no reason to and the potential for scores being changed is beyond our control. Hopefully everyone can understand the situation... Does anyone have a problem with this and can I do it?
  7. QB to Start: Grossman, Carr or A. Smith?

    I'd go with Smith as well....GBs defense isn't anything special, so Smith should be able to get a couple of scores. Pennington didn't seem to have much trouble with them last week. Grossman may well be starting his last game for Chicago this weekend I wouldn't trust Carr either...I've started him twice this year (this week I'm starting the 9th different QB on my team) and both times he got me negative points - these were games where he had been playing well and was facing a pretty good matchup. The upside is that I ended up winning both of the games somehow, but I learned my lesson with Carr - not a good FF QB - inconsitent to say the least Cheers
  8. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I say no, you're not really gaining much in the trade, IMO...maybe even downgrading as a whole. you said it yourself, baltimore def is holding you back and rightly so...coming from someone who has lost twice this year BECAUSE of that defense, I'd love to have them on my team...not to mention their schedule for the rest of the season is pretty cake. With LT, SJax, and Gore what do you need more RBs for? I'd try and figure out exactly who you want out of that deal and work something out involving fewer players. Cheers
  9. Hurting at QB-WDIS?

    I'd go Garcia #1 if he's there, McNair #2...I suppose Manning #3 As was previosly said, Garcia has a good grasp of the offense already, so he should only get better. Yes, he was pretty terrible in DET and CLE, but we can't blame that all on him...the supporting cast in philly is much, much better for him to return to pro-bowler form. Not to mention they're playing washington who's defense is horrible... McNair is nothing if not consistent. He won't put up the best numbers in the league this week, but you won't have to worry about him losing the game for you either. Yes, Baltimore is pretty conservative, but they do score points and he's the focus of that offense. Manning has the potential to have a big game if that team can ever pull themselves together. I don't like that word "potential" though, cause it usually refers to something that isn't utilized... Cheers
  10. Should I drop Desmond Clark

    I'd also stick with Winslow, sounds more and more like Frye won't be playing and a change at QB might be what he needs to start getting some more touches... Likewise with Clark...if Grossman keeps playing like this they've gotta go to Griese eventually and I imagine having somebody that can throw to his own players will probably get Clark back on track as well...I'd hang on to him Cheers
  11. This one's for all the marbles...

    I tend to agree with most, Young seems like the best play...however this will create quite the dillema for me...just got a ticket to the HOU/TEN game on sunday and I happen to be a texans fan...looks like I'll be sitting in the stands cheering for HOU to win in a shootout!
  12. WDIS

    +1 I agree, tough choice w/ those WRs though... Cheers.
  13. Playoff QB?

    I'd go w/ Favre too, Bulger has been very, very disappointing this year and is up against CHI. You mentioned Alex Smith is available, given what Pennington did to GB last week, you might want to consider him too. Cheers
  14. Bottom line, if I win this week, I'm in the playoffs with a really good chance to win it all. If I lose, I'm out. I've started 8 different QBs this year and am in quite a quandry this week...any advice is appreciated, be glad to offer my advice in any of your posts. My options: Trent Green, at home, vs BAL Big Ben, at home, vs CLE Vince Young, at HOU Alex Smith, at home, vs GB Steve McNair, at KC David Carr, at home, vs TEN Jay Cutler, at SD 6 pts/TD, 1 pt/60yds passing, 1 pt/20yds run Tough call to say the least...Cutler is the only one that I can say I will not consider...any help is appreciated. Cheers