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  1. second title in a row

    I won for the first time this year and lost in the final last year. Our league ends in week 15 so we can enjoy the playoff race without being worried about our fantasy teams Please take a moment to answer mine at
  2. I know another keeper question?

    With the Emergence of Betts, I would go with Chester Taylor Please take a moment to answer mine at
  3. Need keeper help.....

    MoJo without a doubt. Absolutely no contest Please take a moment to answer mine at
  4. roster reduction

    Best combination is Fitz, Maroney, Smith and Brees Please take a moment to answer mine at
  5. Keeper League Starting Lineup

    Manning and Gore are locks Then pick one more out of Brown and Fitz Please take a moment to answer mine at
  6. What's a good starting point on an offer...

    + 1 Please take a moment to answer mine at
  7. I get to keep three players next year. Out of the following, who should I keep? LT is a given. Possible trade available where I can trade Reggie Wayne for extra draft choices. Drew Brees QB NO Philip Rivers QB SD Vince Young QB TEN LaDainian Tomlinson RB SD Ladell Betts RB WAS Terrell Owens WR DAL Marty Booker WR MIA Reggie Wayne WR IND Marques Colston WR NO
  8. week 17: Brees or Eli Manning?

    Yes he can - also Kevin Gilbride is taking over playcalling. That guy is a hack, coaching a hack and now calling plays for a hack. That is a recipe for disaster. Kevin Gilbride coached, or was the OC for the following stellar QBs: 1. Ryan Leaf 2. Kordell Stewart 3. Eli Manning
  9. In a serious quandry!

    Glenn T.O. should get extra coverage today and Glenn has been getting better the past few weeks
  10. I would stick with what you have. I like the matchup of Bell and Rhodes (especially with Addai being questionable). Cannot bench SA even though he has not had a great season and matchup is tough
  11. Mojo and Barber No brainer
  12. Title Game

    Depending on your league scoring, but with that lineup, the odds are that you will lose. I would still start Vick as he showed great signs during the Dallas game last week and they have had a long time to rest. It is going to be closer than you think, so definitely start Vick over Leinhart
  13. Can Rudi Do It?

    If Cincy don't run through Rudi tonight they are biggest idiots on the planet. After what every other team has done to Indy, tonight should be a heavy dose of Rudi and play action.
  14. T.O or Colston?

    Thanks guys :-) THink I will go Colston