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  1. Thank You ROMO

  2. TO was right

    i agree, TO is usually right.
  3. Andrea Kramer...

    dude, she looks really bad on HD. i just got a new tv.
  4. Placing bets

    check out my signature, some good betting in there.
  5. IDP for fantasy playoffs

    I like trotter over June, I think trotter is most likely to advance
  6. Which RB's to keep ?

    I agree with Doc completely. i rate maroney and deangelo much higher than the other two
  7. ummmmm

    check out my signature. there is still some fantasy action you can get in on.
  8. IDP for fantasy playoffs

    indy safety bethea should get a bunch of tackles this week. they are favored too. vrabel could be a strong play too
  9. Top 5 defenses - playoff FF

    i rank them like this Baltimore NE Chi SD Jets Right now, I think Balt puts the most pressure on the offense. NE executes the coaches' game plans so well. It will be interesting to see how SD does, i have a funny feeling that they crack soon.
  10. Hackett or Santonio Holmes

    hackett is in the classical breakout situation. taking over targets for an injured starter. go with him. i like holmes, but not this week
  11. Help, Still undecided at RB

    willis has a big game this week, buff is rolling you could make a case for any of those three, but willis is a bonafide feature back.
  12. Qb and Wr help for the title

    garcia is a better start this week even if palmer is 100% Edwards is not starting and who knows how much he sits, go back to Roy
  13. Braylon Edwards benched?

    damn that sucks. i would go with cotchery
  14. Need my RBs to go off in SB...

    betts is in. Westy will come up big. Dallas has been a little shaky, especially getting torched by RBs catching short passes lately. i like tiki too, but he's not getting the tds. thats the only reason i would go with the other two
  15. Lienart/Young/Kitna

    i think you have to drop kitna out, he is not doing much right now. leinart should have a good day vs SF, but the 9ers are playing pretty good and could shut him down. i would go with young, he will be running more this week, especially on third down situations. something like 200 passing and 75 rushing, hopefully a couple tds.