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  1. Chester or Dayne?

    I would start taylor (actually I am). You have his ability coupled with an unproven QB. Look for moderate rushing yards and plent of screen passes to rack up the passing yards this week against a weak GB secondary.
  2. SUPER BOWL QB who do I start?

    Romo, this will be a high scoring game.
  3. WDIS at qb

    you hould start Young. I am benching Grossman this week for Hasselback. He is too risky, plus Griese might get some snaps in the 4th quarter.
  4. WDIS @ RB

    Cedric Houston was only able to gain around 50 yards on MN last week, with a TD. I would start Taylor. High Risk and hopefully High Reward. (I am starting taylor in both my leagues)
  5. RB Help PLEASE!

    bump to top, since nobody seems to want to help.
  6. Chester Taylor or Ronnie Brown?

    chester taylor, if he is near 100%. I have the same problem. Taylor or Cedrick Houston or Dunn
  7. i'm in super bowl for 3peat

    edge should run all over San Fran. Palmer needs this win, for his team and morale after Monday night. will be a big game.
  8. Westbrook or Jones-Drew

    Jones-Drew for sure!!
  9. WDIS Week 16

    I would start Young, Furry and Mason
  10. RB Help PLEASE!

    Need to start 3 players (2RB's and a flex) Frank Gore will start for sure Need two of the following: Warrick Dunn Chester Taylor Cedrick Houston Devry Henderson Bernard Barrian Artose Pinner Chris Henry I am already starting Marvin Harrison and Chad Johnson in the 2 WR slots. Need 2 more from the list above. Thanks for your help!
  11. WDIS? WR and RB

    I have the same problem, GORE, TAYLOR, PINNER, CEDRIC HOUSTON and DUNN. I am starting GORE and TAYLOR. I will substitute Pinner if Taylor decides not to play.
  12. Do I start Hasselback or REX GROSSMAN? thanks for your help
  13. Start Gore and Taylor, I am in my league!