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  1. The SURGE

    Thank you Nancy P.
  2. rocket launcher in jersey

  3. UAW vs. Japan

    This makes me sick , and I'm sure the old timers are rolling over in their graves. A damn shame , the way things are now. America , at one time was the benchmark for excellence in automobile making. Then the reputation went nosediving into the toilet in the 80's, as the companys cut corners any way they could and generally produced crap cars in order to salvage some of their shrinking bottom line. The U.S. product now is back to an even field with the foreign auto producers IMO, but the reputation still hasn't changed, why? While there are many factors involved with this decline, I think our own eagerness to abandon the big 3 and buy foreign cars is prime, it is also self serving and shortsighted IMO. Hope you Toyonda owners are proud , another nail in the box of American tradition and heritage. I can't wait to read the replys of how Ford, Chevy and Dodge suck so bad and the foreign guys are so great... let er rip..foreign car lovin momos.
  4. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Let's see "touchy feely social programs" or continue to fund the war aginst terror. Those Escalades, are pretty nice . Will they come with spinners?
  5. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Good info here.
  6. Good time-waster sites?

    Fark it. play with yourself here
  7. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    F-150, 2 wheeler, with a straight six 300, 150 k on her. I get around 15 mpg hauling stuff every day. I can't figure out a way to get ladders and scaffold on the Harley or I'd take that instead.
  8. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    I haven 1.
  9. Where did you propose?

    On the west bank of the mighty Hudson river.
  10. What?, I thought last years draft was quick and quite snappy. I think I was fortunate to get Chris Brown so late.
  11. if you had One Nuke.......

  12. if you had One Nuke.......

    One with alot of sand and alot of bad smelling people.
  13. Shotguns

    I agree with the push button safe part , I can get in mine barely even looking at the keypad now. I'm not a big fan of keeping a round in the tube though, call me Mr. safety but it only takes a split second to chamber one.
  14. What do you do if you see a burning terrorist?

    Throw another one on and get some marshmallows.
  15. Are You Armed

    Guns are scary.