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  1. What if...

    Vick will not see the field this year. The advisors around him, worried that they are going to lose their cash cow, will advise Vick he needs to start rehabilitating his image right now. That means he will stike a deal with the Feds quickly. He will see some prison time, but not much, in exchange for his cooperation. He will go on probation, and a condition of which will be comunity service, which he will fulfill by doing public service announcements about cruelty to animals, but which will be as much about painting him as contrite. He will have a public religious epiphany. Possibly this will come with a name change to signify his rebirth and to get away from the damaged brand that is the name "Micheal Vick". All of this will take him through next year. Sometime next year he will start working out as a W.R. Why? No team will trust him for the face of their franchise, but some team will still covet his athletic gifts. He will float trial ballons on this possibility, but things will still be too raw for him to come back. He may, demonstrate his skills in Canada as much to allow the final public vitriol to be spent as to truly showcase his skills. In 2009 he will make an NFL roster under his new name as a W.R./K.R. He will do well at that. America loves a redemption story. We also love humbling our heros and watching them dance. Mike Vick is going to learn to dance.
  2. Vick Indicted

    If only this were predictable from the information known weeks ago. Had we only been able to extrapolate the future from the known facts we might have seen this coming. Too bad no one had the foresight to break down that information, analysis it as a criminal case, and predict this. Of course who could have done such a thing? Had it been done I am certain no one would have continued to blindly sniff Vick jock or to have taken refuge, insultingly, in cliche`s about presumption of innocence or the like.
  3. Larry Johnson

    Please cite one instance of a team not honoring a contract. It's never happened. When a team signs a player they pay a bonus. They also negotiate for yearly salaries for a specific number of years should they still believe the player to be worth those salaries. The bonus secures for the team the unilateral right to have the players services should the team so desire. When a team cuts a player they have prepaid the player for the right to do so. The palyer has no contractual right to continue with the team. They only have the right to the agreed upon salary if the team wishes their services at that price. If any NFL team ever failed to live up to the contract don't you think you would have seem law suits by cut players? It never happens because the player has no rights and the teams have already honored the contract upon the payment of the signing bonus.
  4. Larry Johnson

    I have always been in the Honor Your Contract camp, always. I don't believe in the concept of outplaying ones contract. That said K.C. is endangering this guys health and future at the rate they have been running him into the ground. They have crossed into new territory with him. Under these relatively unprecedented circumstances were I he, I would not risk my future giving the production of nearly two players for the pay of one backup.
  5. Bears' Harris wants Donovan as Chi-town starter

    You are forgetting perhaps the scintillating play of Bobby Douglas? What about Avellini, the poor man's Bob Griese?
  6. Nolan allowed to wear suits

    I remember it like it was yesterday
  7. Vick is all done

    If they work for goats as well I may need to make up with BS1 so I can get one of those at cost.
  8. Vick is all done

    Some implication that he might be in his use of the phrase "fellow prosecutor". Yet the phrase was used ambiguously enough in context that he may have only been referring to me and to Poindexter, and not himself.
  9. Vick is all done

    career prosecutor Also generally used to refer to one with 20+ years experience in a prosecutor's office. When Big Score tries to put stink on the term in an attempt to get my goat (for what one might wonder) it only pleases me more.
  10. Vick is all done

    I note that Bronco Billy, who has no legal training as far as I know, was able to correctly use the term burglary to describe what happened to Vick's house, so many say robbery instead. I note that Big Score 1 is unaware of the distinction between libel and slander. I counterpose the two for my own amusement.
  11. Vick is all done

    Poindexter is not my peer. If anything my comments were libleous, not slanderous. 9Any first year law student or any peson with a dictionary would get this distinction correct.) I do not insist on suggesting racial animus by Poindexter. I note that he raised the topic unprodded as to the feds, and I find that beyond irresponsible. He gave the eventual defense, should it come to that, ammunition, and he did so out of picque and hubris. I have taught law. Actually and more to the point criminal procedure. The professor's comments were strange indeed. You are missing the import of those comments. The unmistakable implication of those comments are that the feds have reason to believe Poindexter is incompetent or dirty. If the feds were merely seeking glory they could have investigated cooperatively and charged federal violations seperately. You are clearly not even worth bantering with as your level of acumen is on a par with Vick's cousin.
  12. Shaun Rogers accused of sexual assault

    Can she describe the weapon? Would she recognize it if she saw it again? God I hope there is a lineup in our future. We have not had a good dick lineup since the days of Michael Jackson giving the Thriller to young boys.
  13. Vick is all done

    Checked with our people who handle animal matters. Dr. Merck was consulted by our office in regards to a string of cat mutalations a few years back, and was also consulted in regard to defense of an ordinance seeking to ban pit bulls.
  14. Vick is all done

    A good, but ultimately incredibly untimely move by Poindexter. This is akin to closing the barn door after the horses have already escaped. One wonders what this top forensic expert will examine since the crime scene was not secured, since evidence was lost to theft. Yes she may be able to give him valuable insight from the items they did secure during the initial siezure. Unfortunately those items may get tossed in an exclusionary hearing, which hearing will then, of course, seek to limit her testimony as being fruit of that oh so poisonous tree. While she is there the feds may want to secure her services to analysis the evidence they secured under their warrant. I think it possible she may have insight if her credentials are as presented, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.
  15. Vick is all done

    So Poindexter was in the process of executing a correctly worded warrant, at least according to his statements. I'm more than a little shocked at the extremely lengthy amount of time this went on. It does not take days or weeks to write a properly worded warrant. One also does not allow evanescent evidence to be under the control of the suspect while one seeks such a warrant. Yes one crosses ones "t's" and dots ones "i's", but not to the extent of allowing evidence to disappear. One relies on one's best efforts, the imprimatuer of the court who authorizes the warrant, and the officers good faith in executing the same to both secure the evidence and to give one a solid legal argument if an exclusionary hearing arises. As to what was siezed under the first warrant I have concerns. The first warrant did not authorize the police to look for evidence of dog fighting. When they saw animals in distress they were not required to ignore that. They were free to secure those animals, but then their obligation was to go no further in their search in that regard. They could complete their search for matters related to drug dealing or manufacturing, but then they needed to leave, secure the premises, and seek another warrant related to their then existing probable cause to believe that a separate illegal activity was taking place on the property. I have real concerns that the tread mills, carpets, and other items will get excluded. As for arguing the semantics of calling an item a rape stand verses a breeding stand I take this as what it is, an off point argument meant to distract. A rose by any other name springs to mind. So does you say potato I say you're a dumb ass. As to what their forensic people were prepared to look for I know our crime lab people go out with fully equiped trucks. I also know that they are instructed to limit themselves to the scope of the warrant before going in, though obviously they take caution to not contaminate other potential evidence. In a drug raid absent allegations that violent crime took place this means that collecting and testing for blood would exceed the scope of the initial warrant. My guys would have, in accord with their training, secured the premises and sought a new warrant before proceeding. As for my bona fides as a prosecutor you have no real idea. Your analysis of this matter thus far does, however, give me an idea as to your bona fides. Lastly when it conmes to throwing a fellow prosecutor under the bus I agree I may have knocked Poindexter there in my rush to save the prosecutors he threw under the bus by suggesting racial animus in their pursuit of the truth. I have no trouble damaging the rep of someone who struck the first such blow. Poindexter's behavior in this matter has been nothing short of outrageous and I will not stand in solidarity with him. If you choose to do so that is your choice.
  16. Shaun Rogers accused of sexual assault

    Don't they dip this chicks in DDT for our protection before they let them come out on stage? I'm pretty sure the Department of Health makes them disinfect between sets.
  17. Frisking at NFL games?

    Will they be checking Raiders fans for batteries?
  18. Ocho Cinco beats the horse

    Isn't this stale Chris Collinsworth shtick?
  19. Frisking at NFL games?

    I'd agree completely if it were not for the fact that this practice interfers with my God given right to have a flask on my person at a ball game. I'm just certain this was in the Bible somewhere, Corinthians perhaps, because everyone knows those Corinthians could party in addition to making kick ass leather. I suppose if push comes to shove and the Court has to balance my privacy and my right to get drunk cheaply against the safety of tens of thousands that the needs of the tens of thousands maybe should prevail. Still it rankles.
  20. Vick is all done

    You know I refrained from taking a tone with you to begin with, but no longer. What makes you think I have not read up on Poindexter? What makes you think you know more about evidence than me, a career prosecutor? You say the washers, dryers, and shop vacs were in plain sight, and they were. What you do not get is what plain sight means as in your very post you state they would have had to test those items for blood residue. In other words such residue is not in plain sight on the items. See plain sight has one meaning to the general public and ignorant schmoes like yourself, to the legal community it has quite another meaning. It is a term of art. A term with particular and well described meaning, the knowledge of which is arrived at through study, not pompous spewing on the internet on subjects one clearly knows nothing about. If we need a virgins opinion on the Star Wars films we will look you up. On matters of other concern you should remain silent. Now let's ask another question. Why, in a drug investigation where they were prepared to look for drugs, manufacturing paraphernailia, precursor chemicals, and drug residue would they even be prepared to look for residual blood. That was not within the extent of their warrant nor the scope of their investigation. Once they saw the crime in progress of animal abuse or neglect they could not turn their eyes from it, but legally the warrant does not shift to allow them to shift the focus of their investigation into that. Rather they had to leave without exceeding the scope of their warrant. They then needed to go back in front of a judge and with the evidence they did find in plain sight, and with any other evidence they could gather, articulate probable cause to search for evidence of dog fighting. In short shut the SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS !!! up skippy. You either have no idea what you are talking about or you have spewed your nonsense with no actual thought. Either way your ignorance offends me and your condescending attitude invites a bitch slapping.
  21. Vick is all done

    Actually the original warrant, and therefore investigation, went to drug related activity. That is what the were authorized to search for. When they saw direct evidence of animal endangerment they were authorized to address that which was in plain sight, but no more. They never did a search for evidence of the animal related charges as that would have exceeded their warrant. That was why it was important for Poindexter to execute the subsequent search. When he did not the Feds stepped in. Evanescent evidence was allowed to remain under the custody and control of the accused for far too long. This failure was shameful and speaks, along with Poindexters comments impugning the Feds as racists, of Poindexters gross negligence in the matter or perhaps something darker still than mere incompetence.
  22. Vick is all done

    Just so I have it straight. Mike Vick has a passionate hobby, dog breeding. He is so passionate about the hobby that he obtains a license, purchases a half a million dollar piece of property that is furnished with big screen plasma T.V.'s and $17,000.00 couches for his comfort. He sets up a web site, or more likely pays to have it done, and then he never goes to the property purchased specifically for his passionate hobby. Now the operation is a breeding operation, or so we are told, so we expect to find certain things. Certainly a legitmate breeding operation will have records of bloodlines, records of health and shots, kennels, areas to acclimatize puppies to humans, puppy chow and inoculation records, and most importantly a plethora of females of breeding age. After all one or two sires can effectively impregnate dozens of females. Hell it could even be done with straws of semen. From what I understand these items, excepting a rape stand which would indicate some breeding may have taken place there(or which might have been nothing more than a handy restraint for vicious beasts in general), were generally, even conspicuously, not found. Rather items accompanying fighting operations were. Well this is starting to sound rather fishy to me. From what I gather we had an unususal number of males of fighting age and few females and no puppies that I know of, of course our information is sketchy Now I know the legal system presupposes his innocence, and allows him the right to remain silent, yet I have never seen an innocent man, or even a guilty one with a palbable concocted story, not try to get out in front of the story and try the matter in the press. Of course maybe I'm again jumping to conclusions. Next we have some people coming forward, at least to authorities if not yet to the press. These are often people of shady associations themselves as would of course be the case in an illegal subculture. Maybe they should be ignored because of their shady past, or maybe their stories will make more sense than the incredible crock Vick has tried to sell about his passionate hobby that costs him hundreds of thousands but in which he has never had any hand whatsoever. Now the feds are involved. They got involved after they had a chance to carefully evaluate the evidence so far. If this looked like a hummer, a jackpot of stupidity that could ruin careers by coming up false, they could have avoided the whole mess. Instead they are in. Not only that they have taken the matter to a judge who has reviewed their evidence and who has issued a warrant. Now it seems that the warrant was productive as we know some items were removed from the property. Precisely what, and how many can only be speculated upon at this time as the Feds are not trying the matter in the press, a responsible stance. When I put this together I get a very negative jackpot for Mr. Vick. Yes I get that some can hold on to the salve of his legal presumptions which control only legal proceedings. I would note, however, that there is no legal presumption that prohibits me from thinking or drawing conclusions. I have done so, and I am pretty comfortable with my conclusions. Of course I would, because of my conclusions, never get to be on his jury absent an ability to put my conclusions aside, but I have made my conclusions nonetheless. Michael Vick is pissing down peoples legs and asking them to think it's raining.
  23. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Here's an important tip. Never be into what I'm saying. I am completely full of Sega!. It probably comes from being half Irish and a half-assed lawyer.
  24. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    Garrison Hearst produced after injury as did Stephen Davis, Terry Allen, Westbrook, Edge to an extent and of course Marshall Faulk survived his imfamous ball cancer.
  25. The Best: Defensive Player

    Actually I appreciate the KC fans. A fan of a visiting team can walk through the tailgating crowd and is more likely to get a rib than a ribbing. Very gracious and accomodating folk for the most part who prove that passion for their team does not have to turn them into raging El Guapos.