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  1. MJD the little man

  2. poll ?

  3. MJD the little man

    It is save to say the Vince will win "ROY" but the little man has mad game and will be kept on my roster for next year along with his sweet 16th round tag for being a waiver wire pick up
  4. who needs a Christmas (or Festivus) miracle tomorrow?

    My team consisted of the Shockenator 2pts Mr. Fumblitis himself 3pts T Bell 3pts Joey Goattaway 5pts Ff###ck there's a game today...I'll try to be ready by the 2 qtr B Edwards 2pts & some how I still have a chance to advance into the last game score is 57 to 64 him with Garcia & Ackers left for me & Philly's D for him..all I gots to say is GO COWBOYS!!!!!
  5. In the heat of the playoffs lets also not forget....

    or the player that scored that mother f***##ing Td on your Defense
  6. Another fantasy football season will soon be in the books. So as we sit back and watch the games Sunday take a second to enjoy that moment before you go back to cursing the player that didn't score that f####ing TD!!!!!!
  7. WDIS

    I am starting Garcia he is my only choice...but if I had the choices you have I would still start Garcia...the Bengals line is suspect....last week Palmer was hurt and spent most of the day on his back because his line could not protect him.....Eagles and the Boys should be a high scoring game so plenty of chances for Garcia to score.....and don't you know he would like to beat the sh-- out of any thing that has to do with T.O....G luck
  8. WDIS Jax or Bills D?

  9. I would start Dayne vs Indy's D...Your going to need alot of pts to beat your oppt so it seems...Evans is the more reliable scorer....I think Dayne has more of a chance to score big...Good Luck!!
  10. Romo Injured?

    Your a TOOL??
  11. Rank these QB's & WR's combos?

    Sorry I Screwed up I will figure out this poll feature one day!!!
  12. Teams Playing Against LJ This Week

    Played L.J. last week & won luckyyy!!! Both top teams in league the other with L.T. got bounced in the 1st round...So your saying there's a chance!!!