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  1. GLENN or T.J HOUSH!?!?!?!

    Im currently starting.. T.Holt TJ Housh I got... T. Glenn and D. Stallworth on the bench... So I guess I'll just stick with the 2 I've always stuck with!
  2. So I'm thinking Housh will have a pretty good day against the Colts, but man I have this weird feeling that Terry Glenn is going to have one of those big breakout games where he scores 1 or 2 touchdowns... I have a feeling Romo will be better in rythm and their passing will get back on track... What does everyone think about who to start this week???
  3. Who do I sit?

    Im starting Housh and Holt this week.... Indy was embarrased last week, it was a you honestly think they're going to repeat last week? No, they've done tackling/wrapping up drills all week and worked on where to be in position a lot this week. I can't remember Housh having a bad game this year. He's been real consistant. Look for Indy's offense to get back into rythm and look for Cincy to pass a lot to keep up. I believe this will turn into a high scoring monday night affair! Start Housh/Holt and sit Rudi!!!
  4. T.J. Houshmandzadeh or henry

    Go with Housh. Don't expect Colts to just lay a big egg on D this week like last week. They're likely going to correct some things on defense and their offense should get back on rythm. Look for this to end up being a high scoring game, with Colts defense playing well, meaning Cincy will have to pass a lot more to keep up... Plus I'm starting Housh!!! 10-1 baby!!!
  5. WHAT 2 WR's to PICK!?!?!

    bump it... Anyone think I should pick Glenn over Housh???
  6. Tough playoff RB decision

    DONT SIT LJ....yes I know SD's defense is healthy but LJ always gets his yards. If Tatum Bell can do it, LJ can too... Look at his stats in the 1st game against SD...28 for 132 yards and 2 can't go wrong with that. Go with LJ and Alexander..
  7. WHAT 2 WR's to PICK!?!?!

    Thank you....It's going to be a tough week... Anyone else have an opinion?
  8. Tough RB call for Playoffs

    Go with LJ no matter what...look at his stats vs. SD week 7. 28 rushes 132 yards 2 TD's... I'm torn between Bush and MJD though. Tennesse's rushing D sometimes plays great and MJD only got 8 caries in their 1st match up, however he did get 56 yards. I'm guessing Taylor won't be 100% and will of MJD split go with LJ/MJD. LJ/MJD and go with Bulger. Young was horrible against Jacksonville. So that's why Bulger.
  9. I've been riding Housh and Holt all year, sometimes they've been inconsistant and some games theyve done great...this week they have tough matchups...out of these 4, which 2 do i pick?? Holt vs. Oakland Housh vs. Indy Glenn vs. Atlanta Stallworth vs. New York So which 2 do I pick? I'm thinking I can eliminate Stallworth. And thanks a lot for your help!!