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  1. Need Help with Playoff Lineup

    Can I get some help with mine friends. Much appreciated
  2. Def ?

    I'd go with the Broncos too. They are the only one playing against a team that has no playoff hopes. They'll want to pick up the D in this one. Please help with mine
  3. Opinions on #3 WR

    I'd go with Henry. I think he will have a big game Please help with mine
  4. Dayne or RBrown?

    Dayne has been a beast lately, but like I said in previous posts, I think my mom could rush for 100 yards against Indy's run defense. Go with Brown and feel confident with it. Please help with mine
  5. Eli Roth or Cutler?

    I'd go with Cutler. He's been solid and they need to win. Please help with mine
  6. Urgent help with RB! Will respond to yours!

    I'd go with Betts and Dayne although if Turner is available like you said I think he is going to be huge this week. If you pick up Turner I'd go with him and Dayne Please help with mine
  7. $725.00 on the line. Help me out ........

    I think Brown is a no brainer. Heck, my mom could probably rush for 100 yards against the Colts D, lol For the other one I'd go with Betts. I think the Giants D will trun it up this week but I think that the bengals will be passing more against the Steelers. In my opinion you have a better chance with betts than Rudi Please help with mine
  8. What QB to start

    Green and KC is your best option. Whatever you do don't start Miami. They have a 20th string QB starting this week, lol. Please help with mine
  9. Dilema who to start?

    I'd still go with Brady. Even if he only plays 2 quarters it will probably be more than Rattay puts up. Reggie Brown is a must for the 3 WR's you have and I'd go with Edwards for the other just because the Jets have playoffs on the line and their D will probably step up big. Please help with my fantasy picks
  10. Gore is a no brainer and I would go with Dayne for the other one. SA probably won't play that much and Chester is all the Vikings have now with the rookie QB so the Rams should put everyone in the box to stop him. Please help with mine too Need help with my fantasy picks
  11. WDIS?

    I agree. Start Cutler
  12. I am stumped on who to start this week. I need to start 6 of these players. One point for reception from TE's and .5 point for RB's and WR's. 1 pt for every 20 yrds rushing and 1 pt for every 25 yrds receiving. TD's are the same scoring for both. Your help is greatly appreciated. RB's Tiki @ Washington C. Taylor vs St. Louis Pittman vs Seattle Turner vs Arizona WR's S. Smith @ New Orleans Hackett @ Tampa Bay Henderson vs Carolina TE's Gates vs Arizona Heap vs Buffalo It's tough because I don't know how long LT will play so Turner might get most of the workload. Smith has been horrible the last few weeks with Weinke at QB but Delhomme should be back this week. I am thinking of starting these 6: Tiki, Chester, Turner, Smith, Gates & Heap. I am on the fence with Pittman too because Cadillac is out. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and I will help with yours too. Thanks
  13. URGENT playoff help

    All reports show that he will play this week. I have him on one of my playoff teams and I'm starting him as well. He's worth the gamble, especially over Harris. Go with Taylor and be secure about it
  14. Some WDIS

    Team #1 - Harrison & Driver Team #2 - Shockey & Taylor (Keep an eye on Taylor's health) Team #3 - Favre & Taylor Team #4 - Hasselbeck & Fitz
  15. Please Pick One / To get to Super Bowl

    Definitely Fast Freddy!!!