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  1. Addai or Benson?

    I would go with Benson. I know Jones is starting, but I don't see Jones in there the whole game, especially with them potentially blowing out Tampa. Even so, Benson has been more productive lately and Addia is pretty inconsistent. If you get points per reception, go with Addia. If not, I think Benson may get in the zone 1-2 times
  2. Tough call pick 2

    I think you have to go with Parker and MJD. I don't think you can bench a guy like MJD with his potential on the ground as well as recieving. I just don't trust a banged up Taylor. Can you reply to mine? Thanks and good luck today
  3. Jennings or GAlloway

    Thanks everyone for their replies.
  4. I like Barber as well as Booker. Henderson scares me this week as Coleston is poised to have a big come-back game. On top of that, Bush is stealing a good number of receptions and I think will have to close to another 100 yds this week recieving. CAn you check out mine? Good luck
  5. Jacksonville RB's, anyone hear any news?

    They are both healthy and they will split. Don't be scared to start either one. Can you check out my post? Thanks and good luck
  6. WDIS? Kitna@GB or Garcia@NYG

    Garcia all day long, espicially if you get minus points for INT's. Can you see mine? Thanks and good luck
  7. OH HENRY!

    I would still start Jennings. GB"s #3 is out and Favre is going to put the ball in the air. Do you like Jennings over GAlloway (see mine) Thanks and good luck
  8. QB DIS

    I like Bulger too. It will not be a good day for Kitna today. He's going to pass a lot, but may be picked off 2-3 times. Can you reply to mine? Thanks and good luck
  9. Need 2 of these WR's.....

    Driver and Plaxico. I really like Plax this week and you can't bench Driver. I live in WI and GB will put an emphasis on shutting down Roy. Can you reply to mine? Thanks and good luck
  10. Boldin or D. Henderson

    I'm a big Boldin fan this week. I think Bailey will be on Fitz and I do believe they will be playing from behind the entire game. Coleston may come back with avengance, although Henderson may put up descent stats, just not huge.
  11. QB help request

    I like Chad this week. Minnesota is terrible against the pass. I just don't trust Jay or Jason. Can you please reply to my post? Thanks
  12. WDIS RB

    You can't bench Betts. The guy has run for 420 yds over the past 3 weeks. Can you give me your advise on my question? Thanks
  13. WDIS? WR

    I like Henderson. I think Washington is going to bang Betts for 30+ carries.
  14. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    I think you have to start Holt. That's a given. I also think that Boldin in this matchup. I believe Champ will be on Fitz and the Cardinals DB's are underrated to me.
  15. I like Pinner this week. He'll at least get the goal line carries. Minnesota might not give Taylor enough carries for precautionary measures