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  1. WDIS at RB2: McGahee, Rudi, or Alexander?

    I concur: Rudi, SA, McGahee
  2. Need my RBs to go off in SB...

    Tiki & Betts
  3. WDIS Flex: Dillon, Holt, Steve Smith?

    I agree. Its hard to sit Holt too!!!
  4. WDIS Flex: Dillon, Holt, Steve Smith?

    I should have elaborated, sorry! Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex I have TO at WR as well. Leaning Smith at WR2. I fear STL won't have to score much to win today and the Raiders will get a heavy, heavy does of SJAX. Your opinion?
  5. Dillon vs HOU, Maroney inactive Smith vs PIT, Weinke starting but PIT giving up 9th most points to WRs in my scoring system Holt @ OAK Scoring: 1 pt/20 yards rushing & receiving 1/2 ppr for WRs, 1/3ppr for RBs 6 pt TDs Hard to sit Holt or Smith for Dillon, but Dillon could easily pull out 1-2 TDs today. Thanks! Will reply to your posts.
  6. WDIS? Kitna@GB or Garcia@NYG

    Thank you everyone. I tried to reply to your posts, please let me know if I missed someone. Good luck today!
  7. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Holt and Boldin. Either D/ST is a great choice, I'd lean Chicago b/c of Hester.
  8. WDIS Help

    Garcia and Booker.
  9. Jennings or GAlloway

  10. WDIS? Kitna@GB or Garcia@NYG

  11. Weather in Chicago today?

    Chitown: High of 50, NNE winds 5-10mph, chance of sprinkles they say, but states 10% chance. Seems safe for Gould and I'm starting him over Longwell today.

    Do you need great points out of your QB or average? If you're shooting for the moon, go Eli. If you want to play it safe, go Kitna.
  13. QB DIS

    I'd go Bulger as well.
  14. Green Bay giving up the most points to QBs in my scoring system while NYG giving up the 2nd most! -1 for Ints and -2 for fumbles. Weather at Lambeau: High of 42, partly cloudy, 10% chance of percipitation. Weather at Meadowlands: High of 59, partly cloudy, 0% percipitation. Both are good options today, obviously, but I'm leaning Garcia due to the negative turnover points that Kitna will surely receive. However, will Garcia finally have an off day or will he continue to play serviceable QB? Your opinion?