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  1. Ronnie Brown? Is he playing this week?

    At flex he is worth a start. He is practicing and expected to play. Listed as questionable.
  2. WDIS @ DEF?

    They may seem odd but given those choices I would go with Green Bay facing a rook.
  3. I like Bulger. Both qb's are toss-ups but when I am faced with tough decisions I look at who's home and who's favored to win. Bulger gets both.
  4. Super Bowl Starters

    Williams and Boldin. They are still studs, just on dud teams
  5. WR & RB help needed

    Fitz and Driver sound great. I can understand wanting to insert Benson. I have a funny feeling Cadilac may have a good game with Rattay at qb. Who knows. I do like Benson though.
  6. the Chester question?

    I agree with Taylor needing to step up over Jacobs.
  7. It has to be Westbrook. He gets a lot of looks in Philly's offense.
  8. Please help me with my line-up for week 16. I made it to the Fantasy Bowl in a re-match with my older brother. He beat me last year 36-31. I benched Willie Parker which was the difference in the loss. Our league credits 6 points for touchdowns scored. 3 points for passing tds. 1 point for every 100 yards of rushing or receiving (not combined). 1 point for every 300 yards of passing. I can start any combination of: 1qb,1rb,4wr or 1qb,2rb,3wr or 1qb,3rb,2wr However I like to start 3rbs and 2wr's. So please take the poll and select who you would start at qb, Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Wr1, and Wr2. My kicker and defense will be as it was all season, Robbie Gould and Bears D. My current roster consists of: qb Drew Brees qb Jay Cutler qb Rex Grossman (on reserve) rb LaDainian Tomlinson rb Stephen Jackson rb Willie Parker rb Dominic Rhodes rb Ron Dayne wr Terrell Owens wr Darrell Jackson (injured?) wr Marques Colston wr Reggie Brown wr Braylon Edwards wr Marty Booker (on reserve) pk Robbie Gould pk Josh Brown pk John Carney (on reserve) dt/st Chicago Bears Thanks for your input and help. (hopefully I listed the poll correctly )
  9. WDIS Week 16

    I would go with Young at qb. I would start Furrey and Bruce. With already one Lion in your line-up I would go with Young so that you are not hurt too much if the Lions play bad.
  10. Made it to the Big showdown...

    I like your line-up as is. Keep Chad in. Fitzgerald may be the weakest link because you have good options with Roy or Coles. I like Romo and LJ as starters. Go with what you got. Based on your opponents roster I think you have a good chance for the revenge. I am playing the same kind of game. I lost last year and am playing the same team in this years Fantasy Bowl. Against my older brother.
  11. RB Help for the Title

    Watch Chicago's rb situation. Jones may sit. If so, Benson should start. Otherwise It's a toss up between Jones, Dillon, and Brown. I like Dillon because I think he will get the most touches this weekend (if Benson is not the outright starter with Jones sitting).
  12. My choices are: Romo Alexander Betts Holt Galloway Titans Galloway is a sneaky pick with new qb Rattay under center.
  13. Super Bowl Line-up

    Straight across the board for touchdowns Barber is the choice. However with your scoring format Bush is the better play. The Saints know he is a play maker and will get him the ball as often as they can. In comparison, if Barber scores once you get maybe 8 points with 20 yards rushing. All Bush needs to better that is 30 yards rushing and 4 catches for 20 yards. And that is without scoring. Bush is my choice.
  14. Pick my offense for me!

    I wouldn't change your line-up. It looks great.
  15. Dayne is tempting. However I have learned to play your studs despite the matchup. Alexander is still a worthy stud rb. I choose Shawn Alexander.
  16. RB and Flex in the finals

    I am not sure how many rb's and wr's you are needing for a starting line-up. I'll choose one of each. I actually like Dunn over Cadilac and Morris. Brown is expected back and TB's offense is not good. However you could take a chance on Cadilac playing well with Rattay under center. Dunn at home against a Carolina team who seems to be cashing it in is my choice. Terry Glenn is my favorite amoung your receivers. I know TO gets thos TD's but when I watch the Cowboys play I see Glenn as the better receiver.
  17. D. Henderson or DJ Hackett?

    I can see where Hackett will get more throws but I like Henderson better. The Saints' offense is as potent as the Colts and Bengals. Henderson is like a Henry or Stokley in this offense and I think has a better chance of scoring.
  18. pick a RB

    I like Parker. Many thought Willie would get shut down in Carolina and recommended sitting him. I didn't and he played well for me. He's been a stud rb all year, one that you don't over coach and bench.
  19. Which QB for Superbowl?

    I like Eli because I don't think NO has a good defense. Cutler had a good week against Arizona. Cincy is a different team.
  20. I like Clark also. I never liked Stevens. Over rated te. Maybe Da'Bearz are trying to help Grossman with those short passes.