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  1. trade

    This trade looks fair. I probably would not part with Shaun. My guess is 90% of fantasy bowl winners this year could have Shaun, LJ, or LT on their teams.
  2. Kicker's

    A kicker in a good offense is best. Example: Last season Rackers Cardinals or Jason Hanson Lions? Hanson is a better kicker but Rackers scored more.
  3. Dynasty league advice

    LT, SA, and LJ are all first rounders. The only way I can see beating this guy is to handcuff all (3) of his backups and spend your Sundays praying for ACL injuries.
  4. keep which rbs?

    I like Brown and DD. Benson instead of DD would not make or break you. Really a toss up. I heard Benson is the starter.
  5. Who to keep...

    I like Brown and Holt. Two established players with no risk. Edge looks tempting in Arizona but the running game for that team was lousy last year.
  6. Trying to get R Brown

    Yeah, it looks too good to be true. If he goes for it take and it run (no pun intended).
  7. RB Poll

    Brown is my choice. Having Culpepper helps. The other backs are 2nd tier.
  8. My league allows 2 protected players from last season. LT is #1. I have to choose between TO and Steven Jackson. I have been going back and forth. All preseason polls have Jackson as the better pick. I like both but have considered TO over Jackson because the Cowboys appear to be a better team than the Rams. There is a lot of talk about how the Rams are going to run. Yet I think they are going to pass just because they appear to be a lousy team based on how their defense played last year. I think they will be behind alot. The Cowboys meanwhile are talking Super Bowl. Is Steven Jackson getting a lot of pre-season hype that shouldn't be? Your thoughts are welcome. I'll reply to your messages also. Thanks for any advise.
  9. Steven Jackson Hype

    Thanks I appreciate the comment.
  10. CHOICE

    I like Brown. Check out my post about the Steven Jackson hype. Brown has a much better support around him. Dolphins are a team that can keep the run in their game plan. The Rams will fall behind and pass and pass. Just like last season.