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  1. I like your line-up as is. Keep Chad in. Fitzgerald may be the weakest link because you have good options with Roy or Coles.


    I like Romo and LJ as starters.


    Go with what you got. Based on your opponents roster I think you have a good chance for the revenge. I am playing the same kind of game. I lost last year and am playing the same team in this years Fantasy Bowl. Against my older brother.

  2. Watch Chicago's rb situation. Jones may sit. If so, Benson should start. Otherwise It's a toss up between Jones, Dillon, and Brown.


    I like Dillon because I think he will get the most touches this weekend (if Benson is not the outright starter with Jones sitting).

  3. Straight across the board for touchdowns Barber is the choice. However with your scoring format Bush is the better play. The Saints know he is a play maker and will get him the ball as often as they can.


    In comparison, if Barber scores once you get maybe 8 points with 20 yards rushing.


    All Bush needs to better that is 30 yards rushing and 4 catches for 20 yards. And that is without scoring.


    Bush is my choice.

  4. I am not sure how many rb's and wr's you are needing for a starting line-up. I'll choose one of each.


    I actually like Dunn over Cadilac and Morris. Brown is expected back and TB's offense is not good. However you could take a chance on Cadilac playing well with Rattay under center. Dunn at home against a Carolina team who seems to be cashing it in is my choice.


    Terry Glenn is my favorite amoung your receivers. I know TO gets thos TD's but when I watch the Cowboys play I see Glenn as the better receiver.

  5. I like Palmer and for your three wr's I'd go Harrison, Williams, and Cole.


    Cole was sure hot last week huh?


    When it' playoff time I like to start the better player over the match-up. During the regular season I tend to gamble more. If it were a regular season game I think Evans has a good match-up this week.


    Have fun :D