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  1. Where the hell are you? You make a Vegas post and are never heard from again. :shrug:

  2. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    Mowie po angielsku.
  3. Good News Steeler Fans

    Great news!
  4. Just wondering here but, do any of you leave your browser open where your wife/kids may sit down and read this board? I know I do often so I, for the record, have not done anything freaky with anyone. Yep, that's my story and I am sticking to it. Oh and my wife is great. Not freaky but just great in every sort of way that I need her to be great.
  5. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    I don't think that came out exactly right but clam chowder it. And yes I am sure I can use some therapy.
  6. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    I would be a little weirded out by it but try to turn the table on her. Call her Mom and ask her if your doing it right? Or better yet buy her a strap on and tell her it is your turn to call HER daddy. I think there is some therapy in her future.
  7. Steeler Nation

    Every now and then I hit a vid that I just can't seem to get to start. For the most part it is very rare but this is one of those times. I also can't get the vid at work and my other pc is down for some repairs.
  8. Congrats Philadelphia

    My 19 year old asked me if the Pirates have ever been in a playoff game. and in case the first one breaks.
  9. squeegiebo

    There is no way that I will be able to swing it. Maybe some of you will want to do it. I know plenty of people helped out in years past when I got to busy. Oh and Untateve, I know my priorities. I just like it better when my priorities are easier to take care of. That's all I'm saying.
  10. Free fantasy football

    I'll even give that one a
  11. Steeler Nation

    Oh yes, this I believe to be true. Menudo doesn't even need real bait anymore. All he has to do is say Steeler and he gets plenty of bites And for the record, this blind ass homer still can't get that page to open on my computer.
  12. squeegiebo

    I hate when work gets in the way of real life. I am suffering the same thing. It is rare that I get more than 10 mins on the computer lately.
  13. Steeler Nation

    I can't get the video to open.
  14. Crash diet

    Good luck to your wife, Blitz!
  15. Cool trick on Dell laptops

    Not working on any of my work Dell's. I would have loved to be able to do this to my coworkers.
  16. This will be my fourth trip down there and each year my boy and I play at least five rounds of golf. This year will not change. I need a few suggestions for some courses. We have played; Honey Bee Hells Point Cahoon Plantation Heron Ridge and 1/2 Stumpy Lake Of those that I just mentioned Honey Bee, and Cahoon Plantation are the only two that we are making sure that we play this year. We would like some other suggestions on other courses in the area and if you know anything about any of these let me know: Eaglewood Golf Course The Signature At Westneck (Pricey but is it worth it?) Chesapeake Golf Club Cypress Point Country Club Riverfront Golf Club
  17. Virginia Beach Golf, does anyone know...

    One last bump as I am starting to book tee-times tomorrow.
  18. Golf

    I only skimmed this as I am in a hurry but keep in mind that you can have any shaft lengthened. It is not a big deal at all and really does not cost much. What I'm really saying is don't let the length of shaft worry you.
  19. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    You could start some great sheet if you said something like "I've met quite a few Huddlers and with the exception of two none above is necessary! Most of them are Nice people! Or maybe Sky should post that. But for real, I have met quite a few myself and can't hardly think of more than a few....
  20. I'm going to play Oakmont.

    No I did not turn pro and make the U.S. Open tourney. I just have a friend that has a friend that is getting us out there two Thursdays from now. I hope to break 100 as I have a long history of stinking it up on a really nice course. Having said that, I hit a 93 today on a course that I normally hit in the lower 80's on. If I could hit a 93 on this craphole of a course then I could easily see myself well over 100 at Oakmont. I don't care though. I just want to play this place and I have never been able to make the right connection until now.
  21. Cuttin Tree Limbs

    So it wasn't you guys that called the police and also took my picture just to post on the web?
  22. Virginia Beach Golf, does anyone know...

    How about Red Wing? Does anyone know anything about that one?
  23. Cuttin Tree Limbs

    I hope my neighbor does not read this but I wish I knew of a way to kill a tree. They are letting a locust tree grow that is already hanging over my pool and back porch. There is no talking to these goofballs either.