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  1. S.Jax

    I don't see why LT would not be the best back next year, even if he drops some, which is most likely, there still would be a gap between him and the rest of the league. I think a lot of people just can't believe what he did this year and figure he has to fall back into the pack, but why? Sure there is a chance that SJax, LJ or even Gore could have a better year, but if I were to put money on it right now, it would be on LT hands down. I think it is just WAG to put anyone over LT right now.
  2. Tonight's game has HUGH fantasy implications

    Both of our playoff games will be decided tonight. Team A has a 7 point lead on Team B A - Has Chad Johnson B - Has Housh Team C has a 9 point lead on Team D C - Has Addi D - Has Palmer and Graham I'm Team D, and was sweating it big time until LT pull out another great game. I don't have a win yet, but should have a good chance unless Addi goes off like he did a few weeks ago. The other game is much more of a question. Even our loser bracket has a close game that will be decided tonight. This is the coolest week 15 I can ever remember. Go Cinncy!!!!
  3. Colston Update

    With DJax going down, this could save me this week . I have Henderson and will start both Colston and him this week since my #3 WRs suck anyway. Should be covered.
  4. 8:00 game

    +1 Yup, I got it a few years back so I could watch UofA Wildcats basketball on AZFoxSports and see just about every game in the season after many years of only catching a few games. I'm not at home right now and can't watch the football game because there is just cable here
  5. Sunday weather thread

    Perfect football weather in SF, 60's with fog buring off by mid afternoon. No wind, but you never know at Candlestick. Field should be fairly dry, no rain in the last few days.
  6. I remember when a guy lost his hat in a game it was a big deal. I would be like holy *#@#@! he was hit so hard his helmet was knocked off. I was always relieved that his head was still attached to his body and did not go with the helmet. Well, this year it has gotten out of hand in my opinion. Guys just get a love tap and it goes flying. What is the deal? Maybe they want to be seen on TV? Don't those chin straps work anymore? Is there some advantage to having a lose helmet?
  7. Bears vs Giants

    Cool, even fake me out.
  8. 1. Sea 2. Balt 3. Car 4. Dal 5. Ind 6. Chi 7. Philly Thanks
  9. hairpulling

    Could not agree more.
  10. LT - 3 TDs Baby!

    The Niners are only down 16 points at 1/2, I would not say this game is over yet. LT should see more playing time in the 3rd qtr and the 9er offense can put up points this year. So, hell I'm greedy and want LT to get more. I'm in a dog fight this week and LT is the only guy I have left. Plus, after all the Turner talk, I don't mind seeing my #1 pick goto town.
  11. Sportsline Down

    This is all I have seen since kickoff: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Your data will not be lost. Please try again later. After six weeks you would think they would have this fixed.
  12. Seattle/ St. Louis

    Pretty cool, I have never seen that before. Hit the top of the left, bottom of the right then the ball was spit back out into the end zone
  13. I can't get into my CBS Sportsline league

    Looks like Sportline is dead, started faking out on me about 15 min before game time, now I can't even get my league home page to load. My be time to look else where next year.
  14. 1. Sea 2. Balt 3. Car 4. Dal 5. Ind 6. Chicago
  15. LT disappointment

    I'm an LT owner in my keeper league for the last 3 years, I'm fine with the current situation and see no real reason to trade or do otherwise, who would I really get for him? He a top 3 RB.
  16. michael turner

    Only if you are insane. That owner just insulted you and I hope you know that. I have LT and really this situation does not bother me a whole lot. Yes, I would like LT to get the ball 100%, but Turner being on the field will prevent D's from just stacking up against LT. Putting LT in the slot is nice and I can see some big plays coming LT's way with this. LT is still the #1 weapon on the team and he will get more than his share of touches on the ground and air. The better Turner plays the better LT stats will be. I think LT is still the best #1 back in the league. If I were to trade him, it would have to be for something worthy of that.
  17. LT2 and Turner

    As much as it pains me to see this as an LT owner, SD is playing to win any way they can. They made some 1/2 time adjustments after seeing that LT was not going to get anything out there alone. When Turner was on the field he was the one thing Pit could not answer. Who do you focus on? All in all I give credit to the coaching staff for finding something that would win them the game and I don't see any reason at this point to think that Turner will become less a part of this offense in future weeks. There is no way that Turner won't cut into LT stats more this year, really he already has most weeks. That said, I will still happly start LT as my #1 RB. He will have his big games, it just things seem to be changing on how Turner is used, and can you blame them? he does look good.
  18. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 5 -

    Colts Please
  19. Trade L. Johnson for McGahee and Mason? I’m 0-3 and need to right the ship. Standard performance scoring, start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WRs. I’m thinking of doing the trade, or maybe countering for more. Any thoughts? My team: QB: Hasselbeck, McNair RB: L. Johnson, R. Rush, Blaylock, Hicks, Moats WR: M. Jones, Fitz, Burleson, Shockey, Watson His team: QB: Palmer, Grossman, Bledsoe RB: LT, McGahee, Green, Norwood WR: D. Jackson, Mason, Gabriel, Bruce, Colston, Porter, Stokley
  20. Ahman Green OUT?

    This totally sucks. Boomer just said Green is out, but everything else says he is starting. I'm starting Green as LT is on a bye for me, so I need this guy to play. Hoping for the best...
  21. OK, I don't know how many people saw this TD catch, but that was more than just one hell of a catch, I slowed it down on my TIVO and he was hit from behind at the knees and in front at the neck. His body spun in mid air side-ways (like a top) and he somehow he kept ahold of the ball and yeah he kept upright and landed on his hands and feet without his knees touchings. Of couse both NE defenders were laying on the ground thinking they just sent the guy to the hosptial. But as we all know Mr. Cotchery turned upfield and ran 30 or so more yards for a TD. That catch was amazing and should get it's due. It at least deserved it's own thread. I don't have this guy on my FF team, but if he was available in my league I would be picking him up after that catch.
  22. Derrick Mason

    I have Mason too and share your feelings. I was looking for a bigger game last week, but it was not Mason's fault. I think he is a solid #2 WR and will have some very nice weeks. I think the two weeks we have seen will be lower than normal for him. Even with his subpar performance, his is still getting looks, yards, and rec. I would me more worried if he disappeared for large parts of a game, but that is not happening. I'm still hoping that he turns in some monster games, but I am kinda tempering that expectation a little because of McNair's play. I don't know if it is really realistic to expect that out of this offense. Don't forget with a strong D, they should not be so far behind that they start passing like crazy.
  23. Brooks done?

    I'm sorry, but if Books starts next week the Raiders have no hope. I mean if the guy can't even do the most basic of things like taking snap from center, how can you call him your starter.