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  1. MJD the little man

    I picked up MJD also and kicked butt with him on both of my super bowl teams!!
  2. Post here

    Took out LT,Gore,Palmer and Chad Johnson......Sweet week!!
  3. love to the Huddle

    +1...I just won my league for the 4th out out 6th year.....thanks for all the insight Huddlers!!!
  4. Congrats Irish..looks like you have the title in the bag. I too just won my league title tonite, and I appreciate all the insights I've received for 4 years running!!!
  5. RB HELP

    That's a tough call but I'd go with Alexander and Deuce...good luck.
  6. Title on the line

    I totally agree with JetFan....good luck.
  7. A Huddle Thank You

    Nice post brother...I've felt that way since '02....good luck and Happy Holidays!!
  8. Which QB do I start?

    I'd go with Romo.....
  9. Thomas Jones

  10. WDIS @ QB for Super Bowl

    I'd say Romo...good luck.
  11. WDIS for championship game

    I actually think Betts will have a field day against the Rams but he doesn't find the endzone much....Barber is probably the best bet in a TD heavy league.
  12. need some advice on my rb dilema

    I agree.....good luck.
  13. I need 3 of 4

    I'd lean towards Fitz but I don't think you can go wrong (Gates or Fitz)...good luck.
  14. WDIS RB

    I'd go Benson also...Dayne would be a close 2nd but they might get behind early and abandon the run....good luck.