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  1. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Just sent you pay pal...
  2. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Hey Irish I'm new to your squares but been a Huddler for a while....I'll take 4 squares on each sheet...just let me know how to pay up and get in.
  3. RB help

    Can only play 1 of these Jacobs (shoulder injury) but playing vs Jax Laird vs Giants Mostert vs Atlanta Thanx in advance!
  4. Westy, Jamal, Edge, Cadillac

    Edge and Jamal...did you see Parker run against Tenn? Lewis should have a field the Ravens won't score like the Steelers but Lewis should get his....I also agree that the 49ers did well in stopping Jackson last week....stick with Lewis...good luck.
  5. Droughens or T Jones...?

    Tough call...they are both pretty bad teams but Droughns has the better matchup against a struggling GB go with Droughns....good luck.
  6. WDIS

    I'd go with Dallas...Washington is horrible...good luck.
  7. Jamal Lewis or Ladanian Tomlinson?

    You're kidding right!!
  8. Burleson vs. Cincy or Plaxico vs. NO

    Burleson all the way...he's gonna have 100 yards and 2 TD's...just my crystal ball guess. I'm playing him over Driver this week so I hope the magic 8 ball is right!
  9. WDIS? RB(1)/WR(2)

    Brown over Dunn only because he has a better chance for the TD' WR I like Coles and Mason...Johnson has been too much of a disappointment..I had him last year and he killed me....Mason is on a team with no offense and it should be low scoring so lots of running....good luck.
  10. wdis

    I'd go with Culpepper...should be high scoring.
  11. WR help

    Need to play 2 of these...WR and TE are the same... Driver at home vs Bengals Gates at Denver Burlson at Cincy Thanks in advance...
  12. WR Help

    Ferguson..Battle...Crayton in that order.
  13. WR Help

    We play 3 WR/TE and I need to pick out of these scoring is in my signature...thanks in advanve... Driver at home vs Browns Burlson at Cincy C. Johnson at home vs Minn (most likely playing him) Gates at Denver
  14. I totally agree...go with Lloyd...
  15. WR Help

    Anyone else??
  16. WR Help

  17. RB Help please!

    If you can deal with Bettis stealing goal line carries Parker is your man...
  18. Need to cut one receiver

    I agree....
  19. With Walker out does this make Driver a better choice because he's now the man or is it worse beacuse now the defense can focus on him?? Any IMO's appreciated..
  20. WDIS: WR/TE Position

    I'd go with Moss...good luck.
  21. Steve Heiden or Kris Mangum?

    Doesn't matter....
  22. Team analysis and possible trade...

    I'd wait and see....I think Lloyd will have a good year...yes the 49ers suck but that's why I think he will do well. I foresee him getting lots of "trash" TD's.....just my 2 cents....good luck.
  23. Mason or Muhummad

    Don't know who they play but remember whoever the Ravens play it will probably low scoring so Muhammed may be the better pick...Mason's a great receiver but they might not need to pass.
  24. Foster or C.Brown

    That is a tough call...flip a coin. I'd lean towards Brown though if Henry's out.