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  1. I'm curious to know how you ended up with Tomlinson and SJax on the same team?
  2. QBs

  3. I know what you meant. I'm still just annoyed from seeing my Seahawks get embarrassed last night.
  4. "And how about Cutler? Very risky, but look at Alex Smith last night." Why? Is Cutler playing against Seattle too? Start Penny.
  5. WDIS at QB

    Definitely Garcia.
  6. Thanks, all. I guess this decision is about as difficult as I thought. I'll probably just throw down a couple of drinks. pick one, toss down a few more drinks, then change my mind again.
  7. Betts or Green at RB#2

    Green. I see the Saints taking an early lead on the Skins, forcing Washington to pass in the 2nd half to catch-up. On the other hand, I see the Pack taking a lead on Detroit, and having the luxury of running for much of the game.
  8. Which QB/RB?

    Kitna/Tiki/Jones-Drew. I think Kitna will post decent numbers, because Green Bay will put up alot of points, forcing Detroit to pass alot in the 2nd half. If you get dinged for INTs, then I would start Leinart. If not, go with Kitna. As for the RBs, Chester is coming back from an injury, while both of your other RBs have favorable matchups.
  9. is this the right starting lineup?

    With Horn out, I'd consider starting Henderson ahead of Coles.
  10. Pennington, Grossman or Vince Young?

    I'd give Pennington the slight nod over Young. If if were not for his TD run in overtime, Young would have had mediocre fantasy stats last week.
  11. McGahee is banged up, and facing a defense that has only surrendered six rushing TDS, while Edge is healthy, and facing a defense who has given up eleven rushing TDs. But, McGahee has been more consistent overall when he has played this year than Edge has been.

    Start them both if you think they will produce more than your other WRs. Regardless of whom you start at WR, Brees will score the same amount of fantasy points for your opponent. So, factoring in the presence of Brees on the other team makes no sense.