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  1. Where should Dayne be taken?

    I have been in several mocks, and I am seeing him taken anywhere from the 10th-12th round. Could be a decent bye week filler in larger leagues.
  2. Lendale misses camp

    Henry's value is improving every day. LenDale is really compromising a job that is pretty much gift wrapped for him.
  3. Fishing for opinions

    I commish a 14 team dynasty. If more then one owner have a legit gripe against a trade, we take it to a league vote, requiring 9 of the 12 remaining teams who aren't involved in the trade to veto. It works very well that way. We have guys rag on owners who make somewhat lopsided trades, but we have never had to go to a league vote.
  4. Dynasty Trade Advice

    Thanks for you input. I declined it yesterday. I got another offer from him which I'll decline again. I appreciate non critical input. Thanks again.
  5. Dynasty Trade Advice

    It is Brandon Marshall, Who I am high on. I felt the same as you, but I always like to make sure I'm not overvaluing my guys. Thanks for your input.
  6. Dynasty Trade Advice

    I'm a little worried about J. Norwood's future on a team that prefers the power running game. I put him up on the block and received this offer. I get: D. Jackson T. Henry 2.4 For: Norwood Marshall 1.4 reasonable offer? what would you do? I also received an offer of R. Williams for 1.4 any ideas?