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  1. Garcia is your best option, no doubt.
  2. WDIS- pick 3

    Wow, nice options. Yeah, you have to start Chester if he's starting, and it sounds like he will. He will kill the Jets D. If Childress is playing mind games though, given your other options, you could sit him. If you start Chester, I'd sit Dillon out of the rest. Houston can surprise and the Pats just looked shaky last week. It's not so much that though, to me you simply can not sit Bush or Westy. Respond to mine, thanks
  3. Please Pick One / To get to Super Bowl

    Freddy Taylor - he's a horse and the best option of those 3 Respond to mine thanks
  4. QB Poll

    Please see mine - very similar
  5. Hackett. He's a decent option tonight especially since you are against Hass. FAVRE - sweet Jesus, he's going to go off against DET. He's good for 3 TDs. Don't even think about starting Romo over him. Gore. You don't sit him. See mine, thanks
  6. Need help with playoff lineups

    Bulger - he's too good to sit. Romo is more hit or miss. I like Hackett tonight. DJax is out and Hackett has looked better each week.
  7. Yikes that is ugly. Might be worse than my situation. I guess you have to start Houston even though the Minny run D is tops, only because he's the sure starter out of the bunch. After that, I guess you throw Williams out there and hope for something, unless Griffith is getting the start in which case start him and hope for a goal line plunge. For your flex, if you start Griffith at RB I'd go with Williams. If Griffith is sitting then throw Kennison out there. See mine, thanks
  8. Critical WDIS questions

    Parker and Crumpler. See mine, thanks
  9. Tough call. Certainly not Vick vs Dallas. Has has looked less than 100%. I'd go with Kitna and hope he doesn't throw too many INTs. That game should be a shoot out. See mine Thanks
  10. Who is a better pick up for a Dynasty

    Neither are fantastic but I'd go with Lefty and hope he gets traded to a good team. To me, Carr has had time to show what he's got and he hasn't shown much. He's got one of the best WRs in the league and still doesn't get it done. Lefty got a raw deal this year in Jax and should be motivated next season.
  11. Pennington, Garcia or Kitna

    I like Kitna in that game, he will chuck em all day. If you can handle the INTs I'd go with him. If the INTs hurt you too bad go with Garcia. Please see my similar post:
  12. Romo at ATL Garcia at NYG Grossman vs TB I can think of reasons to start all three. Who would go with? Thanks
  13. Brees vs. Peyton

    If you sit Brees you deserve to lose.
  14. It's the playoffs and I need to get lucky BIG time to advance. First the easy ones: At QB I've got Romo at ATL, Garcia at NYG, or Sexy Rexy vs. TBAY. I'm going with Romo but let me hear it if you disagree. Four no-brainers: At RB #1 I've got LJ. At TE I've got Gates. At WR its Walker and Fitzgerald. Now the tough calls where I need your help. #2 RB and Flex: Winslow at BAL, Vernon Davis at SEA, Ced Houston at MIN, Arlen Harris at GB, Artose Pinner vs. NYJ. I know, it's ugly. At #2 RB I think I have to use Harris since he's the starter. I don't expect anything from him but I can pray for one goal line plunge. GB is not exactly a great D. After that, I usually like a RB over a TE at the Flex, especially since Winslow has disappeared. If Pinner starts over Taylor I think he's a definite start for me. But that may be a game time decision with Childress playing mind games. MIN has a tough run D and Houston hasn't done much since his big game a few weeks ago. Your input is appreciated...
  15. WDIS: QB, TE & WR

    I agree, Hass Daniels and DJax. See mine