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  1. drink shots

    Pineapple upside down cake Put equal parts Vanilla Stoli and Pineapple juice into a shaker with ice and shake it up Strain it into shot or shooter type glasses Pour a small amount of Grenadine in each shot glass so there's a layer of red on the bottom Consume!
  2. Mechanics

    Of all places, I've come to trust a local Mr Tire shop for a lot of our general car repair stuff. I've never gotten any BS from them and they've never tried to pressure me into some expensive service or repair when it's not necessary just so they can make a extra buck or two. A lot of places will see a chick coming from a mile away and think they can pull all sorts of crap, but they'll be the first ones to tell me I don't need to do something excessively costly.
  3. Roger Waters

    Did he actually sing ok? When I saw PF's appearance on the Live 8 show last year, he sounded like he could barely hold a note without warbling and I thought he sounded pretty bad. Dude can still play though!! (hey didn't there used to be a thumbs-up smiley?)
  4. chris farley lives

    Oh wow that's just freaky!!
  5. Samantha Carter

    We've been putting off watching the finale. So instead we watched Atlantis (we usually watch them in order when we record them) and the little spot they aired right before the show thanking SG1 and saying they were going on with their battle with the Ori or whatever was very nice.... Too bad it's SciFi's freaking fault that they were canceled! Anyway... I'm looking forward to the movies, but I think it would have been better if they had given them notice before hand that this would be their last season so they could have wrapped everything up nicely and not had some many 'stand alone' type episodes that took up too much time. I believe thee was also talk of another spin off series. I haven't heard any details on it yet, though.
  6. Samantha Carter

    You sound like my husband.
  7. salary cap in professional sports

    All for a cap. MLB is a joke the way it is now.
  8. We were playing Craps at the Palms out last trip out and someone said that Keifer Sutherland was getting a private table right by us. Of course, I was too into the game at the time. My husband heard the guy say this and didn't mention it to me until much later, so I never got to see for sure if that claim was true. BUT he was in town at the time for a charity event, so it's very possible. I really liked the Palms. The rooms are beautiful, the staff is great, I liked the clubs (which says a lot - not a big club person), and the crowd seemed to be right around our age group. My biggest complaint is that the casino may have been a bit too small compared to some of the other resorts.
  9. Comcrap sucks!

    I will never regret the day I told Comcast to F themselves!! Verizon has a VoIP service called Voice Wing. We haven't had a single problem since we switched, and we have the added bonus of not getting raped for taxes and line fees that made the bill double what it should have been, like we did with a regular land line.
  10. Judge does something right...

    Here is the original story. One of the biggest crocks of crap I've ever see. The prosecutor's attitude of "Yeah I can make it go away but he's not kissing my a$$ enough" makes me sick. a--hole! I hope he ends up without a job when this is all done.
  11. Delta Airlines

    I haven't used Delta for international travel, but we used them for a flight from Baltimore to Vegas once. Won't make that mistake again. Nice shiney newish 757, I think, and we could not have been more cramped into an already unbelievably tiny area. For a newish plane, we didn't expect to find the smallest seats we've ever sat in with the smallest space for our tray tables and all that. We've been far more comfortable on Southwest, and we're not crazy about them either.
  12. Anyone here have Lasik surgery?

    Thanks for all your input! My problem is that I'm a bit far-sighted, even though my distance vision isn't that great either. I also have astigmatisms in both eyes. It's not horrible, but it's not great either. I've worn contacts for over 10 years now, and just kept my glasses around for at night and those one or two times a year when allergies really piss off my eyes and I can't take the contacts at all. Right before we left for Vegas, I had one of those fare-ups and I spent the whole trip either blind or feeling dorky. I've been to my eye doctor and was diagnosed with nothing specific although it looked to her like I might have had some sort of virus or something and got some eye drops to use for a week. It's now 3 weeks later and my eyes still feel pissed off at the thought of me sticking contacts to them. While I do intend to go back again to double check that nothing else is wrong, I'm coming around to the idea that all this is BS and I just don't wanna anymore. So with that little history lesson out of the way - I've seen/heard a lot of talk about TLC partners. Did those of you that had it done go to a TLC center or somewhere else? Any advantages (or not) for using a large network like them? I think that's where Tiger Woods had his done.... Can't be that bad, right?
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to go about this. My eyes recently decided that they absolutely hate contacts now. That doesn't work out well for me. I'm starting to think that I might want to get lasik surgery after all. But.... How do you pick the doc to do the surgery? We only get one set of eyes, so shopping around for the lowest bidder sounds like a stupid idea. Insurance companies may be more willing to work with certain groups of doctors than others (TLC in my case, I think), but is trusting the insurance company's monetary opinions really the best way to go? I could try personal recommendations, but that only goes so far as it seems that everyone that I know of has gone to different doctors. So how the hell do you go about this?
  14. Prayers, please

    My condolences to his family.
  15. Central AC unit question

    +1 on the freon thing. If the filter is fine and not clogging things, a freon leak could make the AC unit very unhappy and cause things to freeze up. Good luck! Our 20ish year old unit finally died last June when it was in the 90s and annoying humid. But it was better than it dying in late July!